Additional Things to Make and Do


Return overdue library books to Shomrei or Aileen’s front porch (no mask needed). Just place the books preferably in a plastic bag into the marked box on the front porch. 204 Park Street, just a couple of minutes up from Shomrei.

Marcia Falk’s  Days Between  looks at liturgy from a feminist point of view, breaking new ground with poems, prayers and meditations. On September 23 from 3-4, this well-known poet will lead you into the season in this session presented by the Hadassah Brandeis Institute. Click here for the link to register. Continue reading

A Few More Things to Do

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Help us clean up the library’s records and recover over 100 overdue books. Elul is a perfect time to clear your book conscience.  To simplify the process –  drop books off on my front porch (there will be a labeled container) when you stop at Shomrei to pick up your holiday bag: 204 Park Street (map) just a couple of blocks up the street from Shomrei.  Continue reading

The Holidays are Comin’ In

challahRosh Hashanah, the start of the cooking season, is just weeks away. I’m always looking for recipes that update old favorites – keeping some of the flavors but with a new twist. Some become new family favorites; some just don’t make the cut.

Try these dishes which will appear on my holiday table this year.

But first start with hallah using the previously published recipe (Summer’s coming in, June 18, 2020). Make the hallah a little sweeter to reflect the new year and certainly make it round. Here’s a link to a four-strand hallah. Or to keep it simple, just make one long strand and coil it into a spiral.  No matter what, it’ll taste great.

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Still More Things to Do

Here is the latest in the biweekly online- and increasingly- in person things to do. This is only the tip of the virtual iceberg.

Looking for a place to go before school starts?

stormkingStorm King, in Mountainville, NY about an hour north, is another indoor/outdoor sculpture experience although none of the indoor facilities are currently open.  Established in 1960,  the 500 acre site  is made for wandering and picnicking. The Woodbury Commons Shopping Center , south of Storm King, has over 250 vendors of all sorts.   Continue reading

New Twists on Old favorites


For many of us, summer time used to mean picnics in the park on concert nights or  frequent dinners on a restaurant’s patio or sidewalk. This summer most of us have changed our dining patterns and are cooking more.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to eat well and with variety just because our movements may be restricted. But it’s still summer; it’s hot; we may be lazy. We want fairly quick to prepare meals that won’t overheat us or our kitchens. And we may want new ways to serve favorite foods.

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Using Summer’s Bounty

Wild Grey Squirrel On the Run with a Crab Apple in an English Garden

I had high hopes. The eggplant and zucchini plants looked healthy and were putting out flowers; the tomato leaves were sturdy. The basil and thyme were overflowing their pot. My mini garden on our deck looked like it would be a success as the pretty eggplant flowers  morphed into lots of baby eggplants. The zucchini was promising with big yellow flowers and the tomatoes were the size of baseballs.

Then came the squirrel. He first went for a green tomato, one that was almost ready to turn red. He took a big bite and he left the rest  on the deck railing as if to taunt us. Guess the taste wasn’t right. Then he came for the four inch long eggplant, the largest on the plant.

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More Things to Do

montclair orchestra

There are so many things to do these days that there’s no excuse to be bored. Organizations, educational institutions at every level, entertainment venues and cultural groups have all risen to the occasion. They do not want to be forgotten.

Granted , most are not face to face. But in these days, we must rely on our imaginations. Perhaps get together with trusted family or friends to share some of these online experiences.

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Things to Do


The library can be a treasure trove of information and entertainment, whimsical and useful, frivolous and serious.

I’d like to share with you a variety of items to help you fill any extra time you or your family might have. Continue reading