What are you doing for Shabbat?

The weekend in Israel (Friday and Saturday) is approaching and as a visitor, the number one question I always get, What are you doing for Shabbat? Friends ask. People I just met casually, ask. The nine-year-old daughter of a friend of mine texted to ask me, What I was doing for Shabbat?

At one time, my American Jewish perspective interpreted this question to mean, was I Shomer Shabbos? Since I am not, I always answered this question vaguely. Continue reading

MESH Report January 23, 2024

We had a very efficient crew today. Very experienced MESH volunteers and packing experts, Susan Rosenblatt and Alex Kent felt like they were cheated out of their volunteer hours by finishing so early.

Lynne Tapper and chef Fern prepared the meal:
Baked Salmon with homemade Tzatziki
Cous Cous Salad made with cous cous, cucumbers, peppers, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans, and black olives Continue reading

Seder Means Order

IMG_1856The Sunday before Passover I sent a note to my family asking if they may be interested in a family zoom seder. I promised no more than a half hour. Passover is my favorite holiday and being sheltered alone, I needed some kind of holiday. To my surprise, 90% agreed.  My immediate family is twenty five people. Though my friends reserve a place at my seder table a year in advance, my family will argue to only eat and no actual seder. My house, my rules and I force the seder.

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MESH Report Mar 24, 2020


Because of the “lock down”, our usual guests at the Carol Starr Cafe are experiencing more food challenges than the normal week.  MESH is making an effort to supply take away meals for all who need.

The Chaos Crew took the “Meal” challenge last night.  We decided to perform a double mitzvah, feed our usual guests and support a local restaurant which is struggling to stay open.  Jackie’s Grillette will not close their doors as long as they break even daily.  They do not want to lay off any of their employees who need their paycheck to feed their own families.  Jackie’s rose to the challenge and supplied 30 individual bags with a very hearty sandwich, cole slaw, and a bottle of water.

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MESH Report Feb 25, 2020

image (5)

From Captain Fern Heinig:

I would like to start with wonderful news, one of our regular guests shared with me that she now has an apartment. She is so excited and grateful. Once she is settled, she plans on volunteering on Tuesday nights to pay back the kindness she has received at the Carol Starr Cafe.

The Chaos Crew hosted a full house of 24 guests at the Carol Starr Cafe and also provided 6 takeaway meals.

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MESH Report Jan 28, 2020

image (3)

From Captain Fern Heinig

“It was a really good MESH night” – quote from Bonny at the end of the night.
The Chaos Crew was a high performance team this past Tuesday, serving 25 guests in house at the Carol Starr MESH cafe and providing six plus take away meals.  A special dinner is always provided the last week of January as a way to celebrate Captain Fern’s birthday.

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MESH Report Dec 17, 2019


From Captain Fern Heinig:

The Chaos Crew managed the Carol Starr Cafe, back of house and front of house. We served 20 guests who braved the ice storm and provided six take away meals.

A huge thank you to my wonderful volunteers who shopped at Costco for socks, blankets, and gloves for our guests. All of our guests left with a VPG (valuable parting gift).

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