Operation Anthropoid

Operation Anthropoid Memorial, Prague

Operation Anthropoid Memorial, Prague

My new commute is to Prague. Some people commute to Manhattan; my commute is overseas. My business trips are usually two weeks, although there are times I am living in a city for a month. The great thing for me, living in an international city, is that I have the opportunity to develop friendships with local colleagues and learn about the culture and the history from their perspective.

Project Anthropoid ChurchI have an apartment in the New City of Prague. The couple of weeks I was there, I observed tourists with Google maps wandering on my street, obviously looking for some sight. A colleague, knowing my street, told me the Parachutist’s Church is on my block and asked have I seen the bullet holes? did I know the story? Of course I did not. Time to Google.

What an amazing story (see link below).

So on Sunday afternoon, I was returning to my apartment and stopped at the store for toilet paper. Carrying the toilet paper under my arm (no bag), I was passing the church and figured I would stop. It’s a church. I will be in and out in five minutes. I read the historical sign, try to enter the church, and the door is locked. Time to go home with my toilet paper. I see a sign saying the museum is downstairs so decide to take a look. With my toilet paper. I spent 2½ hrs in the museum. Tourists were visiting with their guides and cameras; I had my toilet paper.

Here is what I have learned so far:

  • Czechs are understated. They do not like to draw attention to themselves nor believe in exaggeration. This may be due to communist rule.
  • Never say Czechoslovakia. It is the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Two distinct countries.
  • The Czech Republic did not invite Hitler and the Nazis. Great Britain and France told the Czech government to allow Hitler to annex them – the Munich Agreement.
  • Operation Anthropoid.

Why am I relating this story? There is a big world out there and I have so much to learn. If you take the time to question and truly understand, it is amazing and inspiring.

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Fern Heinig

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2 thoughts on “Operation Anthropoid

  1. Anyone interested i reading about what happened to Czechoslovakia should read Prague Winter by Madeleine Albright. She relates the tragic story of Czechoslovakia from a personal point of view.

  2. We were in Prague in January and I walked by that church and learned about the parachutists. I did not know you are living there part time! Great city. Sam was at a conference there and I had plenty of time to explore. We stayed at the Grandium Hotel, just off of Wenceslas Square.

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