2020 Pledge Campaign – Final Results

At Shomrei we don’t have set dues! Each member makes an annual financial commitment at a level of their choosing. Called the “Sustaining Share Financial Commitment” each year we run a pledge campaign and each adult individual or household makes a pledge. Pledge at: shomrei.org/renew

Here are the results of our campaign as of the end of the campaign.  The stats may change a bit as some stragglers pledge until the end of June.

Charts update automatically in real time as pledges are recorded.

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*Shomrei currently has 217 households.


*Last year (2019) $496,082 was pledged, the matching grant added $33,000 and $32,117 was recorded as provisional** pledges for a total amount pledged last year of $561,199. While this was adequate for operating Shomrei it necessitated keeping additional fundraisers and budgets were restricted.

For the coming year $725,000 represents full funding of Shomrei. If this level is reached in pledges then all other general operating fundraising campaigns can be retired and budgets oriented towards growing the membership. The JLC and Preschool are separately funded (largely by tuition) and will retain their respective fundraisers.

**What’s a provisional pledge? When we don’t hear from a member during our renewal campaign, we make the initial assumption that they would like to remain a member of Shomrei. We then enter a provisional pledge for them in the system at the level their pledge for the prior year. When they receive their first invoice they have the option of paying it or raising or lowering their pledge. Because of the uncertainty of their pledge at a time when budgets are being made we very much encourage all members to make a new pledge during the campaign and we hope to have as few provisionals as possible. When we tabulate provisionals we’re very conservative and only count them if we think it’s very likely the member wishes to continue their membership.

*Triple The Increase – Matching Grant!
A generous Shomrei family has established a matching grant program (capped at $36,300) for those who raise their Sustaining Share pledge this year by at least 10% over last year. The grant will match your increase 2 for 1, so that Shomrei will receive TRIPLE the boost! To qualify, pledge by June 11, 2020.


Households Qualifying for Matching Grant among the households that have made a pledge so far. 


*We’re asking members to consider a separate additional donation to help fund a security guard at Shomrei. The amount of coverage we have will depend on the amount of Security Fund donations received. We expect the annual additional cost to be $25,000 per year. Members are asked to consider a security donation only if it would not affect their Sustaining Share Commitment. Security donations are not part of the matching grant.

Number of households increasing, reducing or keeping the same pledge.


Cumulative total of all pledge increases vs reductions compared to same pledges last year.



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  1. These charts are very helpful and provide a lot of clear information. Many thanks to whoever put in the time to prepare them.

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