2020 Pledge Campaign – Live Data

At Shomrei we don’t have set dues! Each member makes an annual financial commitment at a level of their choosing. Called the “Sustaining Share Financial Commitment” each year we run a pledge campaign and each adult individual or household makes a pledge. Pledge at: shomrei.org/renew

How are we doing this year? Here are some live data charts representing the current status of the Pledge Campaign which ends June 11, 2020

Charts update automatically in real time as pledges are recorded.

Roll your mouse over the charts for more details.

*Shomrei currently has 217 households.



*We’re asking members to consider a separate additional donation to help fund a security guard at Shomrei. The amount of coverage we have will depend on the amount of Security Fund donations received. We expect the annual additional cost to be $25,000 per year. Members are asked to consider a security donation only if it would not affect their Sustaining Share Commitment. Security donations are not part of the matching grant.



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