MESH Report May 14, 2024

Report written by Noah Delaney

MESH had a great group today that helped to package 50 meals. Chef Lynne organized the creation of a beautiful meal of panko-crusted flounder, sweet potato fries, coleslaw and a hero roll for any sandwich someone might make. We also made a homemade tartar sauce to top the flounder, and added a chocolate chip cookie and Clementines for any sweets lovers as well as a water bottle for hydration.

The team behind this feat was the Delaney family with some new chefs Katherine, Benjamin, and Gabriel Delaney. After packing and loading the bags of food in a car we delivered the meals and where we were met with smiles.

This was for my Bar mitzvah project, and it was great to get a chance to serve my community, and I learned a lot about food preparation and cooking the fish. One of the best parts was when my dad started cracking dad jokes about coleslaw. Overall a memorable experience.

Thank you to Lynne for all of her time, guidance and energy.

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