MESH Report 6/18/19

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From Captain Shirley Grill:

It was a stormy, wet night on Tuesday so we invited our MESH guests into Shomrei early to provide sanctuary from the storm! We had a full house with 24 guests and 5 takeaway dinners. The evening was brightened by Chef Arden Epstein’s fare, in colors of red and green…rather spring like! Appetizer was fresh cherries and nuts–can be seen in forefront of the picture; Main Course was Asian Chicken Salad with cashews and mandarin slices; string beans in a mustard dressing and a hot roll; Desert was Strawberries and homemade chocolate bark–yummm! And all the guests received a goodie bag with a power bar and clementine for a late night snack or breakfast!
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MESH Report 5/28/19

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From Captain Sarah Kravits:

It was a great day for vegetarians (and other fans of good food) on Tuesday night at the Carol Starr MESH cafe at Shomrei. Chef Arden Epstein made a delicious vegetarian meal starting with an appetizer of watermelon, mozzarella, tomato, and basil with pita chips; then moving on to a green salad with ranch dressing; featuring a main course of polenta with cheese served with black beans and corn and tortilla chips; and ending with refreshing ice cream sandwiches.

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MESH Report 2/19/2019


Report from Captain Lynne Kurzweil:

It was a cold night outside, but warm and welcoming inside!

Our fabulous Chef Arden Epstein, ably assisted by her sous chef, Zamiah, prepared a very sophisticated meal of: Deviled Eggs, Crudities and crackers for appetizers; Followed by Green Salad and French bread, Complemented by a main of  fish stew with Cod and vegetables, And topped by a homemade magnificent Cappuccino Mousse with cookies (after mixing the mousse, the captain got to lick the bowl!  Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Feb 6, 2018

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From Captain Lynne Kurzweil

Meanwhile back at Union Baptist Church we welcomed 22 guests to Shomrei’s MESH Cafe. Coming inside to a warm and welcoming environment our guests were treated first to Merrill Silver’s delicious Carrot, Parsnip and Potato Soup. Main course was a very hearty Beef Stew prepared by Arden Epstein. Fresh French baguette provided by Shirley Grill accompanied the stew. Chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies and clementines, also provided by Shirley, ended the meal on a sweet note.

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Mesh Cafe Dec 12, 2017

image1 (2)From Captain Sarah Kravits

Shomrei welcomed 23 guests at the MESH cafe this chilly, damp evening. Chef Arden Epstein came up with a cozy meal of deviled eggs with carrot and celery sticks, mediterranean fish stew with carrots and potatoes, fresh bread, and carrots and grapes for dessert. Sous chef Meredith Barringer assisted along with Elana and Margalit. Continue reading

Syria Supper Club at Shomrei — a Big Success!

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Eighty (80!) people attended Shomrei’s Syria Supper Club Sukkot Dinner on October 8. The dinner featured bountiful, delicious vegetarian food prepared in Shomrei’s kitchen by three Syrian cooks who have been recently resettled in the U.S.

Rabbi Greenstein welcomed everyone in the sukkah, and then we moved inside (the weather was threatening) for the meal. It was a win-win event all around; attendees enjoyed a delicious meal and the cooks displayed their cooking talents and earned some income to help support their families. (Almost all of the proceeds of the dinner went to the cooks.) Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Oct 3, 2017


From Captain Aileen Grossberg:

On a balmy early fall evening, 16 guests gathered in the gallery for a well planned meal cooked by experienced MESH chef Arden Epstein.  Our guests enjoyed a plentiful meal of cheese and crackers with grapes; fresh rolls; a green salad; homemade cod fish salad with red potatoes; roasted asparagus with Parmesan; and pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream. Yum! Continue reading

Mesh Cafe June 13, 2017

Mesh June 13

From Captain Lynne Kurzweil:

Our 17 MESH guests were welcomed to Shomrei’s cool and peaceful gallery with gratitude for and in anticipation of the tasty meal awaiting them. Chef Arden Epstein and sous chef Meredith Barrintine started the meal off with hummus, crackers and grapes. Next up an aromatic treat of Bbq pulled chicken on ciabatta rolls with homemade potato and egg salad and homemade cole slaw. Dessert was watermelon and pizelles. Arden always provides a takeaway bag this time with a granola bar and a clementine. Our faithful teen helper, Teddy, an MHS student, assisted with setup, cleanup and everything in between. Staffers Adrienne and Joe were as helpful and courteous as always. Only two more weeks before we break for the summer.

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Mesh Cafe Mar 21, 2017

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From Captain Alex Kent:

24 guests showed up for MESH dinner on March 21st. Our chef was Arden Epstein who single-handedly whipped up a bountiful meal including her signature to-go bags.

Up first was cheese and crackers, with grapes. The main course consisted of a side of coleslaw, accompanied by baked cod with an herb butter sauce, green beans, parmesan rice, and bread and butter. Dessert was homemade chocolate almond bark prepared by Arden, served with strawberries and grapes. Every guest also got a bag with an apple and peanuts in the shell. As always, the meal was most appreciated. Leftovers were non-existent. Continue reading