Baby Food, Meals for New Parents

72E078369135D065C3F12F46DCDCCCF0_7581205Announcing: Baby Food!

For any member who has a new baby in the house, we will deliver one meal a week for the first 6 weeks after the baby arrives.  Because the pre-school is an important part of our community, any pre-school family that has a new baby in the home will receive a meal to welcome their new one.

This is an all-volunteer effort, which means each one of those meals must be cooked (or purchased) and delivered. It’s a wonderful way to share in the joy the new parents are experiencing, and to give them a little help during those tiring first few weeks. If you like to cook, or you like to visit new babies, and would be interested in joining the pool of volunteers who provide this service, please sign up at .

Dale Russakoff is organizing the effort but Dale would love some help.  So, if you’ve been looking for the right volunteer activity, perhaps this is for you – Dale is waiting to hear from you.

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Meaningful Work Choices — New Frontiers – @nourish, Sat, Feb 2, 2019, 10:30am



Sat, Feb 2, 10:30 am
Free and open to everyone

Good Coffee and Nosh!

It takes courage to leave the known world for new frontiers. The panel members will share their experiences and open up the discussion to the audience so that we can all explore the journey of finding meaning in work and life.

Our panel, led by Dale Russakoff, who left her longtime job as a reporter at the Washington Post in 2008 to become a freelance writer, will consist of:

Alison Wininger
A public interest lawyer who represented low-income clients in the Bronx, Harlem and London, then chose to become a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters.  She has begun to share her passion for social justice with her older daughter, Abigail, now 3, and together they volunteered with IHN for the first time in December. Continue reading

An Uplifting Evening – A Photo Gallery


How do you really fix a broken pipe?  You get together with a hundred and thirty of your friends and focus on something that matters! Such was the case last Saturday night as Shomrei honored Dale Russakoff and the volunteers of the Mensch Squad and IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network). (See the lists of all honorees below).  Dale co-chairs Shomrei’s chapter of IHN and she leads the Mensch Squad. Continue reading

Dale Russakoff – Shomrei’s Mensch-in-Chief


In 1994, Dale Russakoff moved to Montclair with her husband, Matt Purdy, a reporter at the New York Times, and their two sons, Sam and Adam. She worked as a reporter for the Washington Post in their New York office. Soon after arriving in town, the Purdy/Russakoff family was greeted by Judy Post, Neal Yudkoff, and their daughter, Sunny, neighbors who live immediately behind them in their neighborhood. This connection was meaningful and reinforced the family’s interest in becoming part of the Shomrei community. They joined the synagogue, signing Adam up for the Shomrei nursery school. Dale remembers their first Rosh Hashanah in Montclair when she saw Neal addressing the congregation as its president. Participating in the services  helped the family feel part of Shomrei. Continue reading

Dale Russakoff and Volunteers of Mensch Squad and IHN to Be Honored

Dear Members and Friends of Congregation Shomrei Emunah:

Each year Shomrei Emunah’s Ad Journal honors congregants who have had a significant impact on our community.  It is my privilege to inform you that this year’s honorees are the people of Shomrei—the volunteers who bring solace, safety and joy to our congregants and to others in the wider community through the Mensch Squad and IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network).  And this peaceful army of mensches is led by our own Dale Russakoff who has kept these vitally important services going at Shomrei. Continue reading

“Thank You” at Thanksgiving

Aileen Grossberg

Aileen Grossberg

Thanksgiving is a day for thanks although we Jews often give our thank yous at the New Year, Rosh Hashanah.

So I am taking this opportunity to put the THANKS back into Thanksgiving and express my thanks to people involved in activities that I have a stake in.

So thank you to all the volunteers who help to get food on the table for those weekly kiddushes. Even when I am not directly involved, I thank them. Without our volunteers we would have no bountiful weekly spreads and the fellowship that comes with sharing a meal.
Continue reading

The Ball is Rolling

Have you been in Shomrei over the past two weeks? One of our members, and a friend, whispered in my ear, “it’s happening”. I did not need to ask him, “unhh?”, because I knew exactly what he meant.

Change. It is finally visible. Big change, cultural evolution, does not happen immediately. The ideas need to be conceived, then nurtured, and finally “happening”. It has been five years (that I know of) since the theme of “Making Shabbat the central day of the week” was conceived. Even before that, the Education Board , conceived the idea of a Shabbat School. JLC will be Saturdays instead of Sunday. This new concept meant a whole new way to think about Shabbat for both students and parents. Shabbat School had its inaugural day two Shabbats ago. Continue reading

Introducing @nourish, Conversations and Activities for Adults on Shabbat


Nourish your brain, body and being on Shabbat at Shomrei.  Open to the public. The Shomrei Jewish Learning Center is introducing a series of topical conversations and/or activities for adults to be held on alternating Saturdays. Meeting from 10:30-11:30 am @nourish will offer great coffee, great noshes and great conversation!  The topics will relate to current events, Jewish living in a modern world, food, history, or anything, well, nourishing!


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The Human Cost of the War in Syria

Syria Program 1 2016 June 2

“A flow of energy and a charge of possibility is generated by our getting together. That’s especially what we hope for tonight.”

With these words, Rabbi Greenstein introduced a program at Shomrei last Thursday night (June 2) to acquaint the community – not just our own congregants, but all of Montclair – with the human cost of the Syrian civil war and refugee crisis. More than 100 men, women and children came from many corners of New Jersey – Muslim women with heads covered, Jewish men with heads covered, people of a variety of faiths, students and adults. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Dec 24, 2015

MESH 2015 dec 24

Report From Captain Lynne Kurzweil: 

MESH menu 2015 dec 24A few weeks ago, it came to our attention that the Thursday evening MESH Cafe (Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless) was not going to be serving dinner on Christmas Eve.  Aileen Grossberg was signed up to prepare a meal for our IHN guests (Interfaith Hospitality Network, temporary housing for homeless families) that night and Aileen graciously offered to expand the meal to include our MESH guests.

Aileen prepared a feast that was so much appreciated by 14 of our MESH regulars, complete with holiday tablecloths and paper goods and sparkling cider!  Please note the menu which was displayed on the dinner table. Continue reading