MESH Report Sept 24, 2019


From Captain Fern Heinig:

The Carole Starr MESH Cafe at Shomrei was open for business Tuesday night and served thirty meals. We had 24 guests in house and prepared 6 take away meals. Amongst our guests, we had one vegetarian (though he did eat fish) and two of our take aways were non fish vegetarian.

As you can see from the picture of the cooking/serving crew, we had a very large and dedicated crew. We would like to welcome new Shomrei member Jean Thaler, better known as JT. Thank you JT for volunteering and hope your first experience will encourage you to volunteer again.

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MESH Report 4/30/2019

Fern Mesh 1Report from Captain Fern Heinig:

The Carol Starr MESH Cafe served 22 very grateful guests.  Not only did our guests leave with a full stomach but our volunteers left with a full heart.  Teen volunteers thanked me for “allowing” them to donate their time to help cook and serve.  Adult volunteers took out calendars so they could commit to the next night to volunteer.  Captain Fern left feeling like the world could be repaired after how grateful our volunteers were for the opportunity to cook and serve our guests Continue reading

MESH Report 4/9/2019

mesh - fernReport from Captain Fern Heinig:

Another week, another full house at the Carol Starr MESH Cafe.  We served 24 in house guests and one takeaway.

The weather began dry, but quickly turned to rain around 6:00pm so we allowed our guests to come inside early and be seated.  We had enough helpers so the professional MESH staff kept our guests company in the gallery as we finished preparing dinner.

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MESH Report 3/5/2019

mesh 2Report from Captain Fern Heinig:

Tuesday was frigid for a March night.  We had a full house of 24 guests, who were seated early due to the cold.  Our guests arrived earlier than usual to the Carol Starr MESH Cafe and we had to decline six guests seats but we were able to provide take away meals so no one left hungry.

The night was incredibly busy, with our early arrival full house and lots of volunteers.  Last month, there was a special request made of chef Fern to cook her MESH famous meatballs, so that was the main entree (10 pounds with no leftovers) served with mashed potatoes and roasted cauliflower and broccoli.  Spinach salad was the first course on arrival followed by a hearty vegetable soup.  Dessert was tangerines and cookies.

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MESH Report 2/12/2019

MESH 2-12Report from Captain Fern Heinig:

It was an icy night but the Carol Starr MESH Cafe was able to open their doors. It was a concern whether staff and volunteers could make it to Shomrei because of the icy roads but everyone made the gallant effort so our guests would have a dry space and nutritious food to eat.

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Shomrei Latke Crew (and John’s recipe)

Photo in Hanukkah Party! - Google Photos 2018-12-13 17-12-37

This year the Latke Crew baked 720 (gluten free) latkes for the Hanukkah party!  Thanks and “yasher koach” to the entire hardworking Latke Crew: Charlie and Alan Breslin, Adrienne Shulman and Michael Sag.  A number of people asked me for my recipe, so here it is:

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MESH Report 11/20/18

MESH cafe logo

From Captain Fern Heinig:

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we had a full Cafe. 23 guests joined us for dinner at our tables while 2 guests had take away.

We were also blessed with an army of volunteers. Key Club student Emily volunteered for the first time while regular Amalia and Lewis, with three friends came in time for service. Captain Fern had four adult friends, Holly, Brian, Tracie, and Mary come with 8 teenagers. MESH staff regulars, Adrienne, Bonny, and Joe rounded out the crew.

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MESH Cafe Oct 23, 2018


Report from Captain Lynne Kurzweil:

This past Tuesday night we welcomed a full complement of 24 seated guests to the Carol Starr MESH Cafe at Shomrei.  We also prepared takeout meals for 7 guests, including a family with 3 children who arrived late.  Chef Fern Heinig was in her prime, preparing a hearty and delicious meal.  First course was fresh made egg salad and seared tuna (repurposed from the weekend).  Main course was honey baked chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, a tasty challah roll and a green salad with string beans, cucumber and green pepper.   Continue reading

My Last Column

FernThis is my final President’s Column. At the Annual Membership meeting on June 14 you will be voting in a new president; my term is complete. People always ask me what is hardest part of the job? What is the greatest?

The hardest part of the job of being President is being present. If you are not in the building, available to members, staff, parents, and board members, it is difficult to have meaningful discussions when someone wants to talk about synagogue business. If you do not attend ritual services or events, it is hard to encourage others. If you are not present, you do not meet people. But being present also meant deprioritizing other aspects of my life: friends, family, exercise, and sometimes my business. There are only so many hours in a day and I can not do it all. I do have to say, I am looking forward to getting my life back. Continue reading