Hanukka Band Brings Special Light to Shomrei’s Annual Party

Simchah band 2 2015 dec

Chanuka is the Festival of Light. We illustrated this with our beautiful chanukiyot burning brightly in the sanctuary at our annual holiday party. At Shomrei, Chanuka is also the holiday of great music played by our very own Simcha band. Maestro Mark Weinstein sets just the right tone balancing fun, learning and ultimately, making music together. That is no small task considering our multi-generational band with a wide range of skills and experience. Continue reading

It Takes A Community

Grossberg_Aileen kiddush prep 2015 oct 17

The Bar Mitzvah was poised and prepared. His parents were proud and poignant. The social hall tables were dressed in gold and covered with platters waiting for the hungry congregants to file in after the motzi and Kiddush. All 200 … Continue reading 

Mesh Cafe Oct 13, 2015

MESH 2015 Oct 13

Report from Captain Nick Levitin:

Shomrei chef John Lasiter, along with Jerilyn Margulies prepared a delicious meal for our 22 guests. The menu included an appetizer of roasted okra, the main dish was tangerine chicken, rice, and cranberry/pea slaw. Dessert, was apple tarts and vanilla non dairy ice cream. Our intern/volunteers –– Thalia and Bonnie did setup and served our guests with their usual warmth and friendliness. Our small crew took great pride in serving a fantastic meal that our guests enjoyed eating.

Like to help out with MESH? Go to: http://www.shomrei.org/mesh

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Shabbat Band Makes Beautiful Music!

Simcha Band 2015 JunePsalm 98 tells us, “Sing praise to the Lord with the harp, with trumpets and horns make a joyful noise…”

At our special Spotlight Shabbat on Friday, June 5, the Simcha band did not have any trumpets, horns or harps. We praised God with our alto-saxophones, drums, basses, tenor sax, piano, violin and cello. With our joyous music , the “Simcha Band” lived up to its name. With our musicians from elementary school to middle school, high school, college and in the working world, we lived up to being “multi-generational. “ With Dan Silver joining us for the first time, we were not only multi-generational but were the first mother-son musicians in the band’s five year history.

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Mesh Cafe April 28, 2015

Report from Captain Stuart Green:

Last night was a bit of a challenge for MESH at Shomrei.  John Lasiter, aided earlier in the evening by Jerilyn Marguiles, cooked a scrumptious, Dominican Republican-inspired meal of salsa, guacamole, and chips, “Pollo Asado Chicken con Arroz”, plantains, grilled carrot and pepper melange, rice, and blueberry galette. Unfortunately, none of our regular volunteers were there to help serve it or clean up, and the MESH crew was also short-handed. Fortunately, battle-tested Sam Green, less than 24 hours off the plane from Israel, came to the aid of his old man, and along with John, who stayed late as well, did a yeoman’s job of serving and dish washing.

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Music Makes Your Heart Soar

Simchah band Purim 2015Have you ever noticed how magical music can be? Music makes your heart soar, your fingers snap, your hands clap and your feet tap. It evokes memories and gives you hope for the future. It makes you smile and sing simultaneously. Continue reading

Chanukah Simcha Band

Simchah BandIt was only the second night of Chanuka but the Simcha Band lit up the Shomrei Chanuka party as if it were the 8th night. The audience enjoyed listening and dancing to the music as much as the musicians enjoyed playing and singing.

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Mesh Report Dec 9, 2014


Feeding the needy at Shomrei, every Tuesday night

We served 19 guests last night at Shomrei’s MESH Cafe.  John Lasiter, Deanna London and Jerilyn Margulies whipped up a delicious and hearty meal which included Hummus, Pita Chips and Tomatoes, Green Salad, Dinner Rolls, Roasted Chicken with Potatoes, Olives and Garlic (yum!), and Chocolate Babka for dessert.

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