Mesh Cafe April 17, 2018


From Captain Alex Kent:
The MESH Cafe served 24 guests Tuesday night, including 3 children. Chef Lynne Kurzweil stepped up once again to prepare a healthy, tasty dinner for the group, with Aileen Grossberg acting as sous chef. The crowd was served a green salad to start, accompanied by challah bread and spread. That was followed by a nourishing meatloaf, with peas and roasted carrots, and roasted, smashed potatoes, which were seasoned to perfection. Dessert was chocolate cake with fruit salad. Teen helpers included regulars Sarah and Amalia, along with Jack who wielded a mean potato masher. Montclair State interns Siobhan and Rebecca were on hand, along with two other MSU students: Jenna and Christina. MESH staffers Adrienne, Joseph and Maria ran the show in their usual competent manner.

Tonight’s meal was graciously sponsored in memory of Muriel Kurzweil Kanow by Linda and Todd Wieseneck, Felice and Don Levine, Joan and Don Zief, Maria and Jerry W. Czin, Judy and Neal Yudkoff and Risa and Seth Levine

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Mesh Cafe Mar 6, 2018

image2From Captain Linda Ariel

On March 6, 2018, the MESH Cafe at Shomrei welcomed 23 guests to join us at a sumptuous four course meal. We started with Pasta with Crudites, followed with an Asian Salad. The main course was delicious Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Vegetables, and Bread and Spread on the side. Dessert was plentiful with Fresh Fruit Salad, Home Baked Brownies, and Clementines. Our guests loved the food, especially the meatloaf, and asked for seconds and thirds. As they left, they thanked us all again for the warm welcoming environment and the good food.

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