Mesh Cafe June 14, 2016

MESH1 2016 june 15

From Captain Linda Ariel:

We had a diverse group of guests at MESH Cafe on Tuesday, May 14th. Our cook, Sarita Eisenberg, noted that in addition to some familiar faces, there were many new people whom we welcomed this week as well. Our twenty-four guests responded enthusiastically when the menu was introduced, which was both delicious and filling. In addition to Sarita in the kitchen, Sarah Steindel prepped and cooked during the morning. This coordination between Sarita and Sarah allowed this wonderful meal to be ready when the guests entered Shomrei at 6:30 p.m.

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Mesh Cafe Mar 1, 2016

MESH 2016 Mar 1

Tonight we served twenty-eight guests with delicious nutritious food prepared by chefs Sarita Eisenberg and Sarah Steindel. The menu comprised minestrone soup, salmon croquettes on buns with a side of MESH 2 2016 Mar 1salsa, a melange of grilled vegetables, pasta salad, and couscous salad, a desert of chocolate tartes, cookies, and fruit salad. We had fifteen enthusiastic volunteers to plate, serve. and clean up, many of whom are Shomrei teens, four of whom were part of Sarita’s entourage – Lou Hammerman, Marvin Hammerman, Matt Rosen, and Charissa Wijaya – and four of whom were from Montclair State University. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Jan 26, 2016

MESH 1 jan 26 2016Report from Captain Sarita Eisenberg:

It was a full house at the MESH café. Team SAR served dinner to 26 guests and packed meals to go for a family of seven who were not able to make it on time.

Sarah Steindel was the menu planner and top chef for the evening, assisted by Charlie Steindel, Susan Anderson, and myself. Servers were Lou Hammerman, Marvin Hammerman, and Matt Rosen, assisted by MESH staffers Adrianne and Rah, and our extraordinary teens Siona, Amalya, and Matt. Lou also did his usual outstanding job of cleaning up. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Nov 24, 2015

MESH1 2015 nov 24

Report from Captain Sarita Eisenberg:

Another successful evening at Shomrei’s MESH Café! Our 19 guests were fed a delicious meal prepared and served by Team SAR.  Sarah Steindel planned the menu, shopped, and cooked assisted by Sarita Eisenberg, Charlie Steindel, and one of our teen helpers, Aviva. Continue reading