Mesh Cafe Feb 28, 2017

MESH 2017 feb 28

From Captain Sarah Kravits:

On this last night of February, Shomrei’s MESH cafe welcomed 25 guests (the tables were set for 24, but we were able to serve the 25th guest downstairs). Chefs Sarita Eisenberg and Sarah Steindel created a lovely meal of chopped salad with farro served with bread, baked chicken with fresh rosemary lemon marinade, roasted carrots and broccoli, rice, and a dessert of fruit salad and cookies. One vegetarian guest was served vegetable lo mein instead of chicken. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Dec 27, 2016

MESH 2016 dec 27From Captain Sarah Kravits:

On a fairly balmy (for December) evening this past Tuesday, Shomrei hosted 24 MESH guests while also housing IHN families for the week. Chef Aileen Grossberg cooked up a double batch of dinner to serve both groups, starting with a warming minestrone with parmesan and fusilli, then a mixed green salad, followed by a main course of salmon with brown sugar glaze accompanied by roasted carrots, peppers, and purple onions along with rolls. A Hanukkah treat of latkes with applesauce and sour cream rounded out the meal, which ended with a dessert of tuxedo chocolate mousse cake with fruit. Guests appreciated the Hanukkah blessings and menorah lighting and greatly enjoyed the meal. There was plenty, and some leftovers went home with our guests. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe May 3, 2016

MESH 1 2016 May 3

From Captain Sara Kravitz:

On a misty cool May evening, Shomrei’s MESH team served a tasty meal to 24 guests. Chef John Lasiter, ably supported by sous chefs Jerilyn Margulies and Deanna London as well as teen volunteers Louis and Max, prepared a menu of green salad and challah, paprika roasted chicken with roasted chick peas and cherry tomatoes, and chocolate matzah peanut clusters. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Mar 8, 2016


From Mesh Co-Chair Lynne Kurzweil:

On a Spring-like evening, 26 guests gathered at Shomrei’s MESH Café. Chef Arden Epstein prepared a nutritious vegetarian meal of cheese, crackers and vegetables, followed by a green salad. The main course was vegetable strata with edamame spaghetti with garlic sauce accompanied by Italian bread. Cappuccino mousse, one of Arden’s specialities, was served for dessert along with cookies. (Look for the recipe in the next Shomrei Cooks column) Arden , as usual, sent each guest home with a bag containing nutritious non perishables consisting of a granola bar, cheese stick and Clementine. In keeping with our attempt to not be wasteful, Arden made use of sliced cheese and crackers from the pantry and cookies, tomatoes and cucumbers left from the weekend bat mitzvah. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Dec 29, 2015

MESH 2015 dec 29

Report From Captain Fern Heinig: 

The Shomrei MESH Cafe had more than a full house.  We served 30 guests which included two young families (family of 7 and family of 4).  Captain and Cook Fern overbought so we had enough food so that all our guests left having a nutritious mean and full stomachs.

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Shalach Manot Success!

shulman_adrienneI only recently learned why we make Shalach Manot goodie bags and deliver them to our entire Shomrei congregation – to increase love and friendship between Jews, thereby dismissing Haman’s accusations that there is strife and dissension among Jews.  Lovely!

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A Shimmering Shomrei Hanukkah Party

2014-12-17 18.08.18
What an amazing Shomrei Hanukkah Party!  The moment the smell of frying latkes made its way around the building, I knew this was going to be an exciting night.  The JLC 7th grade students started the night off with a bang, with their homemade Hanukkah games and enthusiasm.  Children of all ages enjoyed pinning the tail on the menorah and trying to knock over large Hanukkah candles in the bean bag toss station.  We made edible menorahs and spun dreidels in paint, too, which made some beautiful designs.

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