Mesh Cafe Jan 26, 2016

MESH 1 jan 26 2016Report from Captain Sarita Eisenberg:

It was a full house at the MESH café. Team SAR served dinner to 26 guests and packed meals to go for a family of seven who were not able to make it on time.

Sarah Steindel was the menu planner and top chef for the evening, assisted by Charlie Steindel, Susan Anderson, and myself. Servers were Lou Hammerman, Marvin Hammerman, and Matt Rosen, assisted by MESH staffers Adrianne and Rah, and our extraordinary teens Siona, Amalya, and Matt. Lou also did his usual outstanding job of cleaning up. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Jan 12, 2016

MESH1 2015 jan 12From Captain Fern Heinig:

On a cold January night, with actual snow flakes, the Shomrei MESH cafe opened their doors and welcomed 29 guests, which included 6 young guests (ages 2-9) and their parents.

MESH2 2015 jan 12Teens Lewis and his friend Max and adult Susan Anderson joined Captain/Cook Fern in the preparation of a hearty meal for a cold night. Teen Amalia and MESH staffer, Adrienne, took charge of setting the table and preparing the drinks for our guests.

Matt volunteered for the first time helping to serve and clean up. Rachel, a veteran, joined her brother and rounded our evening staff.

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Mesh Cafe May 19, 2015


Report from Captain Lynne Kurzweil:

A lovely evening at Shomrei’s MESH Cafe. Guests arrived with smiles and anticipation of a good meal.

They enjoyed Pumpkin Black Bean Soup, courtesy of our soup maven, Merrill Silver. Spinach Cheese Lasagne and Tossed Salad with Ripe Tomato Wedges was next, accompanied by Garlic Bread. Dessert was Brownie Sundaes with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Yours truly was the cook with help from Susan Anderson, Sierra Wendeborn, and Shomrei teens Sam, Sebastian, Rachel. Every bite was gone and many guests left with equally bright smiles.

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