Mesh Cafe May 17, 2018


From Captain Fern Heinig:

The MESH Cafe had a light night given the major thunder storms last night. We had only 13 guests.

A huge thank you to Alana, Margalit, Amalia – our Shomrei teen volunteers and Susan Rosenblatt for being soux chefs and servers. MESH staff Adrienne rounded out the MESH crew. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe May 8, 2018

image1 (7)

From Captain Lynne Kurzweil:

This Tuesday evening, we welcomed 20 guests to Shomrei’s MESH Cafe.  Due to serendipitous events and some creative planning, the entire meal was put together with repurposed food, yet delicious, nutritious and enjoyed by our guests.  Engineered by Executive Chef Lynne Kurzweil there was $0 additional expense for this meal.

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Mesh Cafe April 24, 2018


From Captain Shirley Grill:

On a perfect spring evening, the fabulous Shomrei team served a finger lickin’, delicious meal to our MESH Guests.  We had 24 guests, including 3 children, who feasted on a fabulous barbeque chicken dish, prepared by our greatly admired John Lasiter!  When the captain, Shirley Grill, announced the menu and the chef, the guests applauded!  Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Feb 13, 2018

IMG_1376From Captain Aileen Grossberg

On a beautiful winter evening, 21 guests including 3 children gathered at Shomrei’s MESH Cafe housed temporarily at the Union Baptist Church.

Our guests enjoyed a hearty  meal of black bean soup, salad, salmon teriyaki with brown rice, carrots and broccoli. This filling meal ended with brownies and clementines. Our vegetarian guests received a serving of protein from hard cooked eggs. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Jan 16, 2018


From Captain Alex Kent

Despite the burst water pipe, Shomrei was able to host a full complement of 21 MESH guests on Tuesday night.  Chef Lynne Kurzweil fashioned a robust dinner, creatively using a lot of existing food before the synagogue has to shut down for repairs.  The meal began with split pea and vegetable soup accompanied by challah rolls and butter.  The main course was roasted cod, rice pilaf, and string beans with tomatoes, along with a green salad.  Dessert was fruit salvaged from a previous event, along with assorted pastries.

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Mesh Cafe Dec 26, 2017

image1 (4)From Captain Stuart Green

Historians differ over exactly when Jews started eating Chinese food on Christmas Day. Some attribute the practice to Benjamin Cardozo; others to Elena Kagan. In any event, this minhag is now so well established, that reservations at T.S. Ma must be made weeks in advance. Aileen Grossberg had the idea of sharing this custom with our guests at the MESH cafe, and so, on a freezing cold night the day after Christmas, cooked up a feast of Chinese-inspired dishes – assisted in the afternoon by sous chef Beryl Hiller – to warm the heart and belly. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Nov 21, 2017


From Captain Alex Kent

The Shomrei MESH Cafe welcomed 20 guests on Tuesday night for a sumptuous pre-Thanksgiving feast, whipped up by Aileen Grossberg, with afternoon cooking help from Beryl Hiller.  Also pitching in were Susan Rosenblatt, who manned the sink like a champ, June Zimmerman and her two 8th grade daughters Elana and Margallit, our dedicated regular Amalia, and three seventh graders who attend the Buzz Aldrin School, Sam, Cole, and Owen, who are volunteering at MESH as part of their Jewish Workshop community service commitment.  MESH intern China was also on hand, along with MESH staffer Adrienne, and Captain Alex Kent.

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Mesh Cafe Oct 31, 2017

From Captain Aileen Grossberg

IMG_1244On an evening that was all treats and no tricks,  21 guests sat down to a simple but hearty meal of minestrone soup, perfectly seasoned baked chicken breasts, colorful roasted baby carrots and broccoli, and smashed roasted potatoes followed by a medley of cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries accompanied by Halloween Oreos for dessert. Co-chefs Sarah Steindel and Sarita Eisenberg operated like a well-oiled team, never missing a beat and timing the meal perfectly. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Oct 10, 2017


From Captain Stuart Green

On a warm October evening that felt more like May, fifteen appreciative guests dined at the MESH Café. A relaxed and level-headed Chef Melissa Elbaum cooked up a delicious main course of baked cod in citrus marinade, supplemented by food left over from the Syrian Supper Club – hummus, baba ganoush, crudité, pita, rice, pasta, green beans, green salad, rice pudding, and fruit.
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