Tributes and Donations, June 2024


The following generous Tributes and Donations were made this past month

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Carol Starr MESH Cafe
Aileen & Marc Grossberg

Kiddush Fund – Shabbat/Holidays
Bruce & Natalie Baff – in Honor of Ken Bannerman and Judy Wildman on the birth of their Granddaughter, Ayla Orit
Bruce & Natalie Baff – in Memory of our dear friend, Leila Kleinman
Bruce & Natalie Baff – in memory of Marc Chalom’s dear brother, Elie
Bruce & Natalie Baff – in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Noah Delaney, son of Aaron and Katherine Delaney
Carol Katzman

Shiva Support
Laura Kaufman & Steve Kamin – Gratitude to Carol Katzman

The General Budget
Sharon Hurwich – in memory of Morris Glatt

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Bill Batkay – In gratitude for her help
Dianne & Richard Berger – in honor of the naming of our granddaughter, Remi Noa (Rachel Noa)
Sylvia Cohn – in honor of Rabbi Julie
Dr. Warren Gordon – in memory of Barbara Gordon
Laura Kaufman & Steve Kamin – in Honor of Rabbi Julie
Stuart Larkin
Arthur & Arleen Sager
Abraham & Jeanne Sasson – in memory of Florence Reiner

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Maot Chitim (obligation to help the poor)
Dr. Warren Gordon

Voluntary Security Fund
Marianne Scheer – in memory of my beloved father, David K. Scheer

Make a donation or send a tribute online!  visit:

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