Because I Like to Paint

Now Showing in The Shomrei Gallery: Because I Like to Paint, The Paintings of Shomrei Congregant Jennifer Moses

For this show, Jennifer has chosen to dedicate 100 percent of profits from sales to one of three local organizations, according to the wishes of the buyer. They are:

Jennifer’s work reflects the many years that she and her family lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Jennifer was immersed in her volunteer work not only at the family’s synagogue, Beth Shalom, but also in an AIDS hospice that primarily served Black residents, where over the years Jennifer soaked up the “full Gospel” culture that prevailed there. She likes to play with bright and sometimes child-like color, language, and sometimes sly illusion pointing to disturbing truths about human nature. For example, in the painting “Jesuses and Horses in a Field,” the color fields are bright with amusement, but the “Jesuses” aren’t Christian figures at all, but rather, Jews: an illusion to the tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Jews that Josephus tells us were crucified by the Roman empire.

Jennifer is the author of seven books of fiction and non-fiction, as well as a forthcoming collection of poetry. Her paintings have been widely shown. She and her husband Stuart have been members of Shomrei Emunah since they moved to Montclair in 2008, and are the parents of Sam, Rose, and Jonathan Green.

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