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katzman_carolHi, I’m Carol Katzman, President of the Shomrei Emunah Cemetery Association and Shomrei Emunah’s delegate to the Jewish Memorial Chapel for many years. So I was wondering…


Do You Know There is a Non-Profit Jewish Funeral Home? – Yes. The Jewish Memorial Chapel is located on Allwood Road in Clifton about 15 minutes from Shomrei Emunah.

Do You Know Congregation Shomrei Emunah is A Delegate Organization? Yes, we have been a delegate organization since 1994. When the Nutley Temple joined Shromei Emunah, it brought its membership with them.

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Do You Know Non-Profit Means Funeral Costs are Less? Yes. Being non-profit the Jewish Memorial Chapel covers it costs. Funerals are anywhere from approximately one-third to one-half less than at a for-profit funeral home. The licensed professional staff conducts funerals with dignity and in strict compliance with Halacha (Jewish Law).

Do You Know What the Jewish Memorial Chapel Does With Surplus Funds? After all expenses, the Jewish Memorial Chapel will dispense any excess funds. Shomrei Emunah has been the recipient of these periodic distributions.

Do You Know the Jewish Memorial Chapel Supports our JLC? Every year the Chapel’s Chevra Tzadakah Fund distributes monies to support Jewish Education, Seniors and the Community.

Do You Know You Can Pre-Plan? Yes. You can make a very emotional time easier for your loved ones. Pre-planning a funeral allows families to make decisions without the emotional stress at the time of a loss. You get to decide what you want. Just click on their website ( or call the Chapel at 973-779-3048 and one of the directors will assist you.

Do You Know Shomrei Emunah Has Cemetery Property Available? Yes. The Congregation Shomrei Emunah Cemetery Association (formed in 1997) owns property at Cedar Park Cemetery in Paramus as well as a few plots in cemeteries in Clifton and Newark.  See the Shomrei Emunah Website (

Do You Own Cemetery Property? If yes, think about preplanning. If NO, think about it now. It is one more step in making a stressful time easier for all of your loved ones.

If you would like any more information about Shomrei Emunah’s Cemetery property or the Jewish Memorial Chapel, please do not hesitate to contact me (email hidden; JavaScript is required).

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