My poem “CONNECTION” examines the difficult task of tracing one’s ancestral origins and the many challenges this search presents. We all fall into a time and space continuum with lives that reflect different aspects of those who have gone before us. Which often helps explain WHY we do certain things we do.  And how certain inherited traits, amazingly, impact our life so many years later! Indeed, there is much to learn from the past because in countless ways, it helps define the present.

by M. Bruce Baff

All I am
can be traced
back in time
to family both known and unknown.
Generations past
connect to me in ways
I cannot fully comprehend.
Continuity in spirit,
Yet I am little more than a blip
within this time spectrum.
For example,
who were my Great, Great Grandparents?
And who were their parents?
Information about the who of me
perhaps lost forever,
never to cast a defining light.
I desperately reach out to the past
with mind outstretched,
yearning for my origins, my roots;
for because of them, I am!

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