Kitchen Scrap Gardening for Passover

Aileen's karpas & maror

Aileen’s karpas & maror

It really works!

At the Passover Splash program on March 7, Aileen Grossberg showed the attendees how the root ends of a bunch of celery or head of romaine can be grown in water for use as karpas and maror at the Passover seder.   Once the vegetables have started to put out roots, they can be planted in potting soil and will continue to grow leaves.

Miriam Haimes has a sturdy celery plant that should be perfect by Saturday night’s seder.

Aileen plans to replace a floral center piece with individual  plants for use during the seder.

Jerilyn Margulies has a horseradish root on her windowsill. The leaves sprouting from the root top are used for maror at her family’s seders.

While children will delight in this project especially since they will see leaves start to sprout within a couple of days. it’s fun for ecologically conscious adults, too.

Jerilyn's horseradish

Jerilyn’s horseradish

Miriam's Carpas

Miriam’s Carpas


Although it’s too late this year to grow your own, try it for Passover 2022. Or just try it anyway. And there are lots of other fruits and vegetables that will grow from their roots or seeds at home. Unfortunately, most fruit cuttings will not produce new fruit.

Kitchen scrap gardening is a good way to bring a bit of spring into winter or could be your new spring hobby


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  1. This was a wonderful suggestion from Lynne and Aileen’s Passover cooking program on our Passover Splash Day. I also tried it with a small piece of celery root and it brightens my windowsill by my kitchen sink.
    If you are interested in learning more about using vegetables from top to bottom, tune in to BRINGING ISRAEL HOME. Michael Solomonov will be talking about LEKET and showing us how to use the whole, and I mean whole vegetable. The program is on Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM but the series is recorded and you can watch it at your leisure.

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