Poem to God

I love you, God, because you created the universe from nothing.

I love to look at the moon and stars.

I love to wake up to the sunlight on the grass.

Thank you, G-d for letting me wake up every morning to another precious day.

Thank you for allowing me to see the buds on the trees and bushes.

Thank you, G-d for allowing me to hear the birds and the voices of my grand-children and children.

Thank you G-d, for allowing me to smell flowers and delicious food.

Thank you for my taste buds and my voice to tell my family how much I love them.

Thank you for my arms to hug my beloved husband and family.

Thank you for my legs to walk and run with.

Dear God, you gave me a heart so that I can try to comfort the sick and bereaved and love my family and friends.

Thank you, G-d, for all our many blessings which you provide every day.

Thank you, G-d, for listening to me and answering my prayers, – even when the answer is no!

I love you, G-d.

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