First Day of the New Hebrew School!


Busy busy in the New JLC!

Yasher Koach on a wonderful welcome back (indoor!) BBQ and first day of JLC!  The students were overwhelmingly positive about the change in the building and program (Wow! was a common response upon seeing the new furniture/rooms!)  The rooms looked great, the teachers were warm and wonderful, and the students had amazing energy.  I am thrilled for the year to come. Assistant Education Directors, Lily Lucey and Aylah Winter were both wonderful in their interactions with students and parents, and I think everyone is responding to having such a capable team in place.



Merrill and Mirela enjoy the indoor BBQ.

Upstairs, our kitchen crew worked in an amazingly swift fashion to move the BBQ to inside as a storm approached, and the families responded to their efforts.  Bellies were fed, schmoozing occurred, and groups all mingled together.  The room was bustling with new and familiar faces, and I couldn’t be prouder.  Thanks, Allison, for your recruiting efforts!  Many new Preschool families attended too! It was great to see them so comfortable already trying out new experiences at Shomrei.

John Lasiter, Fern Heinig, Liza Cohn-Wallach, Adrienne Shulman Lasiter, Charlie Breslin, Rachel Kanter, Shirley Grill, And Carlos Rymer – thank you for so ably undertaking the kitchen and set-up work.  Everything was delicious! Adrienne and Shirley, thank you for helping oversee the event in general.  Thank you everyone for making sure to connect our families and keep our famous community spirit alive.
Let’s keep the momentum going into Shabbat!


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  1. Look forward to more energetic and glowing reports from the JLC and pre-school and how we all come together as one community. Merrill Silver

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