Louis Kravits, Bar Mitzvah

LouisHello! My name is Louis Kravits. I am currently an eighth-grader at Roosevelt Middle School in West Orange. I am looking forward to becoming a bar mitzvah on January 17th, 2015!

I enjoy doing many things! Among them are playing drums, writing stories, going skiing in Vermont and just hanging out with my friends and/or family. I have been working really hard on practicing my Hebrew, so I hope you can come and hear me chant!

My parsha is Va-era. Va-era is the telling of the story of how God helped the Israelites get out of their sticky situation in Egypt, by hardening Pharaoh’s heart and using the ten plagues.

My mitzvah project is working with MESH. MESH is an organization that feeds the homeless in Montclair. Many Tuesdays, me and my mom or my dad go to Shomrei and help serve, cook, or greet the homeless. It is important to me because I am fortunate to have the food that I need, and it has come to my attention that millions of others do not. Participating in MESH is me giving back to the hungry in my community.

What do you think?