Purim Simcha Band Lives Up to its Name

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Seven years ago we needed a name for our newly formed band.  “The Shomrei Emunah Multi-Generational Band” was too long.  The Chanuka or Purim Band? Too dry! THE SIMCHA BAND! Yes, the Chanuka Simcha Band; the Purim Simcha Band.  We have lived up to this name ever since.

IMG_2040 (1)When Mark Weinstein lifts up his arms and counts off the beat, I feel a sense of great anticipation. What will happen next? Well, we will play our first note in unison. The joy immediately fills the room. It takes no time at all for the clapping to start, the singing led by the beautiful voice of Rabbi Greenstein and the general good feeling to permeate the sanctuary. Honestly, it feels like joy, not just music, is pouring out of our instruments.

This Purim I want to thank the following musicians for coming to our one rehearsal and for bringing music and joy to our celebration. Saxophonists: Eli, Rob and Elliot; violinist- Mike; pianist – Noah (and Merrill Silver), new drummer -Mirella  and drummer, Sam. By the way, I would like to give a special shout-out to Sam, who has been playing the drums in the Simcha Band since our first concert in 2011.  He is off to college in the fall. We can never replace Sam but we are looking for a new drummer.

Special thanks to Mark for leading us and teaching us along our musical journey.

PURIM SAMEYACH from the Simcha Band.

Editor’s Note:

The Rabbi Sends his greetings:

Shalom –
I personally want to thank Merrill Silver and Mark Weinstein and each and every one of you who made our Purim celebration so terrific! The whole Shomrei community is so happy because of you. We love the Band!
Happy Purim!


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