Sarah Farbiarz, Bat Mitzvah

Sarah FarbiarzHi! My name is Sarah Lila Farbiarz, and I am in the seventh grade in Golda Och Academy. I’m interested in politics and language. I enjoy wearing feminist pins, singing and playing guitar, day- dreaming, and taking long walks. I’m looking forward to being a Bat Mitzvah, to wearing Tefillin, and to becoming a Jewish adult. I am very grateful to the Rabbi and Merrill Silver for preparing me for my bat mitzvah.

Editors Note: Sarah, will be leading two services in relation to her Bat Matzvah:

Sun, Oct 23, Sarah helps to lead Hoshanah Rabbah services, reads from the Torah, and gives a D’var Torah. (There will not be a kiddush after services) 

Sat, Nov 12, on Shabbat, Sarah leads the Torah service and Musaf and there will be a Kiddush luncheon following services.


3 thoughts on “Sarah Farbiarz, Bat Mitzvah

  1. You are a valued member of our community. I look forward to welcoming you officially into the adult community.

  2. Mark this Bat Mitzvah date on your calendar. The morning will exude JOY-JOY-JOY thanks to Sarah leading us in the entire holiday service and in our pride for her becoming a Bat Mitzvah.

  3. Mazel tov, Sarah, on becoming a bat mitzvah on Hoshanna Rabbah! I am extremely delighted and impressed that finally a bat/bar mitzvah person is actually talking about Jewish concerns and commitment, instead of just secular teenage stuff. You go, girl!

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