Shalach Manot Success!

shulman_adrienneI only recently learned why we make Shalach Manot goodie bags and deliver them to our entire Shomrei congregation – to increase love and friendship between Jews, thereby dismissing Haman’s accusations that there is strife and dissension among Jews.  Lovely!

It’s a beautiful mitzvah to witness and in which to participate.  It’s such a joy to see one of my little ones (not so little any more!) year after year make these deliveries to other congregants.  Faces brighten in all directions!

I want to personally send a big giant thank you to everyone involved with Shalach Manot this year. Thank you to Lisa Pendola and Holly Lehr-Hahn for chairing this fabulous fundraiser. I’d like to also thank all the people who shopped and helped to stuff the bags – Lisa Pendola, Limor Guttman and her daughters Hadar, Tal and Noa, Marie Hoffman and her daughter Fanya, David Brooks and his daughter Hailey, Amanda Seef-Charny, Elissa Sanders, Sarah Kravits and her children Josephine, Louis and Delia, Sara Ann Erichson, Carlos Rymer, Elliot Lasiter and Ethan Coplan.

And a special thank you to all the generous donors at Shomrei! We raised $10,827 for the Hebrew School!  Well done everyone!

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