Hanukkah Happenings

Chanukah around the world is an eight night series of videos presented by the JDC. While these videos are clearly meant to tug on your heartstrings and encourage contributions to the JDC, the segments are also entertaining and inspirational. They introduce some embattled, isolated or emerging Jewish communities around the world. Although the segments air daily at 7 p.m., by typing “a great miracle happened here” Chanukah JDC 2022 into your search engine, you will be able to see all the segments on YouTube.

There are still enough nights of Hanukkah left to say some special prayers written by outstanding Conservative rabbis. The Rabbinical Assembly hopes that everyone will join in this unifying spiritual experience: https://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/jewish-law/holidays/hanukkah/prayer-each-night

For viewing on December 25, try the Hanukkah movies being shown on the Hallmark Channel. There’s Hanukkah on Rye and Eight Gifts of Hanukkah. These may not be the greatest movies ever made-Hanukkah on Rye sounds a little like and adaptation of The Shop around the Corner/You’ve Got mail/ She Loves Me – but at least Hallmark has done something to acknowledge its Jewish audience. And it gets most of the details right although the subtitles identify the Hebrew blessings as Yiddish. Make sure you fast forward through the ads.

To find out more about Jeremy Jordan, star of Hanukkah on Rye, Broadway performer,cabaret singer and frequent featured actor on TV, go to this article from Kveller https://www.kveller.com/hanukkah-on-rye-star-jeremy-jordan-talks-fiddler-latkes-and-jewish-representation/

And , of course, there are books. Check out the library for Hanukkah themed reading as well as reading for every day and every holiday.

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