4th Annual Purim Band

DSC_1482The multi-generational Purim Band set a joyous tone for the evening. When we hear the first note of the Purim medley which accompanies the costume parade, we know it will be a fun evening.

Special thanks to the following people who contribute to the band’s success:

Mark Weinstein for conducting and bringing out the best in each musician.

Sarah Steindel for transposing all the music.

Judy Jaffe for encouraging students at the JLC to join the band.

Andy Silver for helping with technology issues large and small.

Marge and Jolene for printing out music for the band and organizing all internal building logistics.

Carlos and Jorge for preparing lunch for the musicians and helping to set up the room for rehearsal.

Rabbi Greenstein for supporting the band.

Parents for supporting the band and encouraging their children to practice, practice, practice!

A BIG YASHER KOACH to the musicians who make each note special. Whether they are drowning out Haman’s name or playing a Purim song or Israeli folksong, they are all outstanding musicians.

Thanks to Noah Gale, Josh Levitin, Dr. Ken Bannerman, Howie Erichson (understudy for Sam Lasiter), Isaac Schwartz, Elana Schwartz, Debra Caplan, Ethan Coplan, Kenny Coplan, Louis Kravitz, Elliot Lasiter, Sol Bernstein, Bill Batkay, David Halpfinger. Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.

Four new members joined the band for Purim. We are always eager to welcome new musicians. You must be a minimum of 10 years old and be able to read music. We encourage you to attend one or two rehearsals but if that is not possible, we still welcome you to the band. The Purim Band will become the Shabbat Band for a Friday night service in the spring. Here is your opportunity to join in the fun!

Please contact Merrill at email hidden; JavaScript is required for further information.

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