Kiddush is Back

For the first time in almost two years, the Shomrei family gathered after Shabbat services for a communal kiddush..

The sun shone so despite the cold, the atmosphere was warm and friendly as we gathered to celebrate shabbat and welcome our first rabbinic candidate and his family.

The crowd snacked on a variety of luscious baked goods accompanied by a fresh fruit salad and an assortment of hot and cold beverages.

For the safety each item was individually wrapped by the kiddush crew who met in the Shomrei kitchen on Friday morning.

Many thanks to Aileen Grossberg, Miriam and Ilana Haimes, Sharon Hurwich, Carol Katzman, Lynne Kurzweil, Dale Russakoff, Art Schuman and Gail Stocks The crew was so efficient that the third shift was cancelled.

Everyone was so happy to be back in the kitchen chopping and chatting.

But there’s more.

Close on the heels of kiddush prep, Dale and Gail pivoted and were busy making a sophisticated Shabbat salmon dinner to welcome the candidate.

And Miriam Haimes lugged in the groceries for a Saturday night dinner.

After two years, our kitchen got a real workout. But everything seems to be in order.

Although Shomrei cooks have been preparing meals for MESH since October, it was a blessing to finally be able to feed our own congregational family once again.

Let’s hope that soon kiddush will be a regular part of our Shabbat celebration once again.


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