Purim Carnival: Goldfish and Pizza

Sam hands out some "Sams"

Sam hands out some “Sams”

A great big “Yasher Koach” to Nancy Breslin The Purim Carnival Chair her committee, Sally Goodgold, Karen Greenwald, Aimee Brooks, Jennifer Sharret and Aylah Winter and the scads of volunteers!  The Carnival was a big success.  Tons of kids running all over the place!  Kids from the JLC were running the games and helping out.

Nancy Breslin

Nancy Breslin

For the first time at Shomrei, Nancy arranged to have some sponsors for the event.  Jason and Amy Didner (Jungle Gym Jam) provided the music, Sally Goodgold (artsyandcraftsy.com) sponsored an arts and crafts table and Spring Lake Day Camp contributed to the bouncy house.

Sally Goodgold

Sally Goodgold

I know it was crowded because David Turetsky and I were in the kitchen making pizza and we made a LOT of pizza!


Jason and Amy Didner


The enduring Adam Gale

Tricorn hats off to Adam Gale, who spent TWO HOURS taking the wet-sponge hits for Haman!  What stamina!

Making a return to the Purim Carnival this year were live goldfish!  My son Sam did the goldfish “wrangling” being careful with the new-found pets. We received three emails telling us that Sam so impressed his young customers that many of the fish were named after him – “Sam”, “Sammy”, “Samuel Gold” & “Shmuel”.

To all the Sammys  – Well done!

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