Synagogue on The High Seas


“Rabbi” Natalie Baff

Natalie Baff sends us a news dispatch from the high seas!  She and Bruce are aboard the “Ruby Princess” circumnavigating South America.  She’s been leading weekly erev Shabbat services on-board and led the Purim service March 4th.  She’s had the ship’s chef making Hamantaschen, and the ship’s staff copying the Megillah.  Her services have been drawing a very enthusiastic 50-60 people from all over the world, even some of the ship’s staff (including stagehands)!  She adds, “When people see me around the ship, they introduce me to their friends as their Rabbi…It was a lot of work, but well worth it…We miss everyone at Shomrei, (signed) Natalie and Bruce”

I wonder if they have their Executive Board meetings on the Lido deck?

Yasher Koach Natalie and Bruce and Bon Voyage!

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