A Special Simcha

As our “busy” season draws to an end, the hard-working, dedicated kiddush volunteers scored another culinary success with the 50th anniversary celebration of Bruce and Natalie Baff.

The Baffs were delighted with the food, the decor which highlighted both the original silver embossed napkins saved from their wedding and the golden part of the day and all the small touches that personalized their special kiddush.

One of the grandchildren said that this was the best food he’s ever had-Kids say the darndest things to quote Art Linkletter.

Arlene, the Baffs’ daughter, loved the specially prepared quiche and Costco-yes, Costco- outdid itself with a beautiful, thoughtfully designed chocolate cake.

Please join us at the final kiddush before summer in honor of Rabbi David and Zelda Greenstein. There won’t be a cake but the food will be special as befits the occasion.

And remember us when you plan a simcha, a memorial, or just want to sponsor a Shabbat kiddush. While we have prepared food for up to 200 people, we prefer to cater smaller events so that the social hall is used only for kiddush.

Let the Shomrei Caterers cater to YOU. You just have to ask.

For scheduling and information, please contact Ehud Klinger
(email hidden; JavaScript is required) or Aileen Grossberg.(email hidden; JavaScript is required)



p.s.  Natalie and Bruce sent a thank you:
Thank You to Aileen Grossberg and her wonderful volunteers, Beryl Hiller, Charles and Sarah Steindel, Mark Grossberg, Rita Singer, Carol Katzman and John Lasiter, for making the Kiddush for our 50th Anniversary Simcha so special.
-Bruce and Natalie Baff

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