Shomrei Community: Send us your High Holiday videos!


The deadline for sending videos has been extended until 9am this Sunday Aug 23.

The videos sent by congregants so far are terrific! Please join in and send us your video(s).

Super Easy
Please don’t be deterred by the technology, see the list of tech helpers below. We can set you up in a zoom session with a helper who will do all the technical part. Or you can make a short video on your phone OR your computer, either is fine. See these recording_tips.

Upload Videos Here:

Two Videos:

1. Hallways Hugs and Greetings:
Make a brief video of yourself or your family as if you were greeting your Shomrei community in the synagogue on the holidays. Make it 10 or 15 seconds at most. (Don’t forget: record with phone in “wide” orientation”) Examples:

  • Shanah Tovah!
  • Happy new year from our family to yours!
  • May you have a sweet new year!
  • Share a personal joy/simcha (“It’s going to be a great year…My son is getting married!”)
  • Share a new year’s wish or blessing for your community
  • Feel free to keep it simple or to be creative.

2. “Virtual Choir” Song:

Listen to this audio recording in your earphones or air pods and record a video of yourself singing along. The best way is to listen to the file on headphones on your phone or device and then record yourself on your computer or vice versa. Remember you can contact one of our helpers to assist you. The only audio we should hear in the video is your voice. So make sure the music is ONLY in the earphones you are wearing. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you have a great singing voice!!! When we blend together it will sound great, just as it does when we are able to sing together in person. (Don’t forget: record with phone in “wide” orientation)

Technical Help
Don’t panic! We’ll talk you through it. Call one of our volunteer tech crew!

Eric Feldman
John Lasiter
Michael Legman
Geoff Sadow

Consult your community directory for numbers or call the office at (973) 746-5031


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