Mesh Cafe Dec 12, 2017

image1 (2)From Captain Sarah Kravits

Shomrei welcomed 23 guests at the MESH cafe this chilly, damp evening. Chef Arden Epstein came up with a cozy meal of deviled eggs with carrot and celery sticks, mediterranean fish stew with carrots and potatoes, fresh bread, and carrots and grapes for dessert. Sous chef Meredith Barringer assisted along with Elana and Margalit.

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image2 (2)We had a big crew of helpers who chipped in with everything from food prep to dishwashing to serving and cleaning up — Robert Faulkner, Hailey, Juniper, Delia, Leah, Gabby, and Amalia. Joining this group today were Aidan, Sarah, and Flora, supervised by Guy, from the Montclair Jewish Workshop. MESH staffers Adrienne and Joe ran a tight ship as always.

We were pleased to be able to send leftover stew, deviled eggs, and dessert to the MESH respite guests who are housed overnight in cold weather, thanks to Adrienne who took everything over to them. Thank you also to June Zimmerman for her contributions to the meal.

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We need you and you need us to help spread the joy of doing this wonderful mitzvah.

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