Mesh Cafe Feb 28, 2017

MESH 2017 feb 28

From Captain Sarah Kravits:

On this last night of February, Shomrei’s MESH cafe welcomed 25 guests (the tables were set for 24, but we were able to serve the 25th guest downstairs). Chefs Sarita Eisenberg and Sarah Steindel created a lovely meal of chopped salad with farro served with bread, baked chicken with fresh rosemary lemon marinade, roasted carrots and broccoli, rice, and a dessert of fruit salad and cookies. One vegetarian guest was served vegetable lo mein instead of chicken.

Continuing the commendable trend of food repurposing, Sarah and Sarita made good use of rice and lo mein from last Friday night’s Shabbat dinner, farro from last Wednesday’s night dinner to welcome Rabbi Nathalie, and two cans of peaches that had been waiting for their moment. We also served the rest of the lo mein to guests after making sure our vegetarian guest had what she needed. A special note for the locavores: The rosemary came from Sarita’s yard!


Thank you to a terrific team tonight — MESH staffers Adrienne, Bonny and security guard Joe, Veronica and Samira from MSU, Yale junior Leonard, Shomrei teens Siona and Leela, MHS students Sam, Josie, and Khari, and adult volunteers Susan Rosenblatt and Robert Faulkner. Lou Hammerman came through in the clutch with a delivery of non-dairy creamer.

Continued appreciation to Aileen and Beryl and all who helped organize the pantry — what a difference it makes!

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