Mesh Cafe Jan 17, 2017

MESH Jan 17 2017From Captain Linda Ariel:

On a dark rainy raw wintery night, Shomrei Emunah welcomed twenty-two guests into our warm bright home. Sarita Eisenberg and Sarah Steindel were the chefs who created a wonderful nutritious meal from not only food that they had purchased but also from repurposed food from the kiddush and hosting IHN.

The menu for the evening began with a delicious green salad with artichoke hearts as the surprise, with bread and butter on the side. This was followed by baked tilapia in a lemon mustard sauce complimented by roasted broccoli and carrots and warm savory rice and beans. The dessert was fresh fruit salad with Oreos on the side.The guests were most appreciative of the food and expressed through compliments to the chefs and partaking of seconds that were available.

We were blessed to have an enthusiastic group of nine teenage volunteers: Amalia, Sam, Matt, Rachel, Gabi, Eve, Cianna, Miline, Sam, and Jordan. They set up, plated and served our guests. Lou Hammerman and Charles Steindel provided active support in the kitchen throughout the prep period and the clean up. The MESH professionals, Adrienne and Joe collaborated with captain Linda Ariel in making this a pleasant evening for dining and quiet conversation.

MESH Jan 17 2017MESH Jan 17 2017

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