Mesh Cafe Jan 3, 2017


From Captain Fern Heinig:

We had 21 guests visit MESH Cafe on the first Tues of 2017. They were very appreciative of a warm shelter from the cold rain and the menu prepared by Captain Fern and hard working volunteers. First time volunteers Collin and Aimee Brooks were ready to work. Collin prepared the salad and peeled almost all the eggs for the egg salad. He was also a world class waiter. The other members of the crew, Erin, Josephine, Zeke, Amalia, Gabby, Eve, and Sam were soux chefs, servers, and dish washers – everyone doing everything. Adrienne and Joe were the only MESH folks, so a hard evening for them.

Egg Salad
Green Salad
Baked Salmon with dill sauce
Mixed Vegetables
Cornbread and Challah


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Email Lynne Kurzweil or call (973)746-0816
Email Aileen Grossberg or call (973) 744-3836

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