Mesh Cafe Nov 14, 2017


From Captain Shirley Grill

Another successful dinner.  We served a full house–22 adults and three children. The meal was prepared by Jennifer Moses, who delivered a lovely fish dinner. Dinner started with Carrot Ginger soup and challah–a great way to warm up on a chilly evening. The main was Tilapia filets over a bed of rice and a side of brussel sprouts. Desert was homemade apple sauce and cookies.

We had our ace crew there:
Adrienne, our MESH leader, joined by the MESH security guard Mary.
Shomrei’s team included: Davida, Amalia and Khari. Linda Ariel came in 7:00 as a relief player so that Captain Shirley could attend a meeting–also at Shomrei.

We were joined by volunteers from the Montclair Jewish Workshop–Amy Dideon, parent chaperone and the kids: Aiden, Morgan and Katie.

Kevin came up to help with the cleanup.

Borrowed three challahs from the freezer so that we could have bread with the soup.

And it was a successful evening for all.

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