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2 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Gut Shabbos! I hope this finds my family and friends at Shomrei Emunah in good health during this time of ‘ social distancing ‘. I look forward to the near future when this is a memory, and we are back happily together and enjoying each other in our normal settings. Until then, we can remember the good times and patiently look forward to more and the pleasures of Spring and Summer. For now, chad Pesach samech; I will be seeing everyone very soon. It is times of this nature that reminds us how blessed we truly are, on a constant basis while in the company of friends and family and even while spending time quietly in the outdoors. Will be seeing everyone soon; goodbye for now!

  2. Dear Members, Friends of Ms. Noa (Noel) Freudberg.
    Last week I learned that Ms. Noel (Noa) Freudberg, my beloved friend of fifty two years, passed away on September 30, 2021. Noel and I met at the University of Pittsburgh in 1965. There are no words to express how deeply I will miss her.
    I regret that I had lost touch with Noel over the past few years. In memory of her blessed presence in my life, My husband and I have decided to establish a scholarship in Noel’s name. (Another PITT alumni will assist in that effort).
    Although we cannot accept donations from anyone in your temple, may I suggest that those of you cherish you time with Noel (Noa) also establish a memorial in her honor. A scholastic fund for MSW students, Veterinary students or Fashion Design students (recall Noel’s comment: Fashion is my Passion) will insure that Noel’s love for the beauty of life endures. Kara Rayan, PhD

    I tried to email Ms. Ackerman after reading her euology for Noel, my message was returned. We send our condolences to Ms. Ackerman and Noel’s other friends. Please acknowledge receipt of this message. Also please advise if anyone in your Temple has notified PITT of Ms. Freudberg’s passing. She had no survivors who might notify PITT. I believe that Noel would smile to see a review of her contributions to society in the PITT Aummni magazine. we always LAUGHED when we read that magazine.

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