MESH Report 11/27/18

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From Captain Sarah Kravits:

This past Tuesday night, 24 guests came out of the wind and found a warm welcome and a hot meal ready for them at the Carol Starr MESH Cafe at Shomrei.

Cooks Barbara Lesser and Carolyn Lack put together a delicious dinner of tomato soup and bread, roasted tilapia with butter sauce, house made cole slaw, roasted farm fresh fall root vegetables and squashes, and banana nut bread and pineapple, with some able on-the-spot assistance from Aileen Grossberg. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe May 24, 2018



The family of the late Carol Starr, a longtime member of Shomrei, has made a generous donation to our MESH Cafe which will help us to sustain our program.  Henceforth, we will be known as the Carol Starr MESH Cafe.

Report from Captain Sara Kravits:

Shomrei’s Carol Starr MESH Cafe welcomed 23 appreciative guests on a cool spring evening. Carolyn Lack and Barbara Lesser prepared a delicious meal of carrot and pea soup with crunchy onion crisps on top, multigrain French bread with butter, baked salmon with strawberry sauce, bulgur with sauteed multicolored peppers, and roasted broccoli and carrots, with cheesecake and grapes for dessert (we gladly repurposed some Shavuot leftovers for the vegetables and dessert). Continue reading

Mesh Cafe May 23, 2017

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From Captain Lynne Kurzweil:

On a balmy spring night, the MESH Cafe at Shomrei welcomed 17 grateful guests. Carolyn Lack and Barbara Lesser cooked up a delicious vegetarian meal which was met with applause as the menu was announced. First course was egg salad on spring mix garnished with olives and served with toasted, buttered baguette. Next was a beautiful multi vegetable salad including marinated green beans and tomatoes with an Italian dressing. Main course was Orli’s Vegetarian Chili with tortilla chips and sour cream. The meal concluded with homemade giant chocolate chip cookies and brownies made by our STOM students and served a la mode. Several ingredients to the meal were repurposed from kiddish, including hard boiled eggs and salad ingredients. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Nov 8, 2016


From Captain Lynne Kurzweil:

Near the close of Election Day, twenty two guests were welcomed into the MESH Cafe at Shomrei.

Chefs tonight were Carolyn Lack and Barbara Lesser. The meal began with a tossed salad and toasted baguette with butter. Main course was Orli’s Butternut Squash Vegetarian Chili, recipe courtesy of Carolyn’s newly wed granddaughter, Orli Nativ. The hearty chili was served with tortilla chips and sour cream. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Apr 12, 2016

MESH 2016 apr 12 rotated

From Captain Alex Kent:

The MESH Cafe served 26 guests this evening.  It was an haute cuisine meal prepared by Barbara Lesser and Carolyn Lack.  The feast began with Carrot/Orange soup, with bread and butter,  followed by steelhead trout with a strawberry glaze, served over bulgur, and accompanied by a stir fry of onions, peppers, and green beans.  Carolyn baked banana nut bread for dessert, served with fresh pineapple.  It looked and smelled delicious!  Our helpers included Shomrei’s Gus and Siona, along with Lexie and Shannon from Montclair State.  Rachel Kanter did lots of dishes, and was an all around helper.   Bonny and Adrienne from MESH rounded out the team.   Our guests were very appreciative as always. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Oct 27, 2015

MESH 2015 oct 27Report from Captain Fern Heinig:

MESH Cafe was open for business last night with 23 guests inside and three additional guests outside whom we supplied a meal under the stars.

The wonderful meal prepared by Carolyn Lack and Barbara Lesser was:
orange cauliflower soup with croutons
panko crusted tilapia
pea puree
pasta with roasted red peppers
pumpkin cake and oranges

There were also absolutely scrumptious home-baked challah rolls prepared by our JLC families.

I am very happy to report there were no leftovers

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