Mesh Cafe Dec 19, 2017


From Captain Fern Heinig

Shomrei’s MESH Cafe served 16 guests last night in the Cafe and gave 6 take away dinners to guests whom could not join us for the sit down dinner. Head Chef and Captain Fern organized a four course hearty meal.  Special thanks to Rob Faulkner and Amalia who came early to assist as Soux chefs and make 9 lbs of Fern’s famous meat balls as a the main.  Amalia also helped prepare the vegetable soup which guests and volunteers alike could only use the word “delicious” to describe.

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Mesh Cafe Dec 12, 2017

image1 (2)From Captain Sarah Kravits

Shomrei welcomed 23 guests at the MESH cafe this chilly, damp evening. Chef Arden Epstein came up with a cozy meal of deviled eggs with carrot and celery sticks, mediterranean fish stew with carrots and potatoes, fresh bread, and carrots and grapes for dessert. Sous chef Meredith Barringer assisted along with Elana and Margalit. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Mar 21, 2017

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From Captain Alex Kent:

24 guests showed up for MESH dinner on March 21st. Our chef was Arden Epstein who single-handedly whipped up a bountiful meal including her signature to-go bags.

Up first was cheese and crackers, with grapes. The main course consisted of a side of coleslaw, accompanied by baked cod with an herb butter sauce, green beans, parmesan rice, and bread and butter. Dessert was homemade chocolate almond bark prepared by Arden, served with strawberries and grapes. Every guest also got a bag with an apple and peanuts in the shell. As always, the meal was most appreciated. Leftovers were non-existent. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Mar 7, 2017


From Captain Sarita Eisenberg:

Yasher koach to our preschool parents! This was the first of four MESH cafes involving our preschool parents. Bridget Placek is coordinating that effort. Melissa Elbaum was scheduled to be head chef but unfortunately was sick and unable to come. Robin Hobart was assistant chef. Josh and Jessica Kline contributed the salad course. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Feb 28, 2017

MESH 2017 feb 28

From Captain Sarah Kravits:

On this last night of February, Shomrei’s MESH cafe welcomed 25 guests (the tables were set for 24, but we were able to serve the 25th guest downstairs). Chefs Sarita Eisenberg and Sarah Steindel created a lovely meal of chopped salad with farro served with bread, baked chicken with fresh rosemary lemon marinade, roasted carrots and broccoli, rice, and a dessert of fruit salad and cookies. One vegetarian guest was served vegetable lo mein instead of chicken. Continue reading