Heather Brown Named New Education Director


Sara Birnbaum (L), Heather Brown (R)

Adrienne Shulman Lasiter and Shirley Grill, Shomrei Education Co-Chairs, announced today that Sara Birnbaum has decided not to renew her contract as Director of the JLC (Hebrew School) when it expires in June. Because of the the long commute, Sara has decided to pursue other opportunities. Heather Brown has been named as her replacement in a new position overseeing both the JLC and the Preschool. Grill and Shulman Lasiter made the announcement  in a letter to Shomrei families and congregants.

Sara’s warmth has created a supportive learning environment and she has formed wonderful relations with our children, as principal and teacher. Sara teaches Hebrew and leads our STOM program; under Sara’s guidance, the STOM students have become a close knit group, engaging with each other as they do mitzvoth and grow together. We thank Sara for her service and for bringing love and ruach to our community. Continue reading

Rishon: Israel Experiences in the Classroom

Rishon Ido SarigFrom Rishon Ido Sarig:

In the past few months, the JLC students participated in activities about different topics connected to Israel. I focused on things that the students probably don’t about in Israel. For instance: What a day of an Israeli kid their age looks like? How are Jewish holidays celebrated in Israel? Why Israel is called the “Start-up nation”? Continue reading

The 7th grade B’nai Mitzvah Class is fresh and new!

7th GradersOne Shabbat a month the 7th grade class comes together with their parents for Lunch and Learn. Rabbi Greenstein and I facilitate the group, we delve into issues and subjects relating to Jewish Identity, values, Jewish service and our own unique Jewish Journey. We envisioned that the Bar/Bat Mitzvah journey would be a year for students and families to explore and begin conversations about Jewish adulthood. Continue reading

Chanukah Simcha Band

Simchah BandIt was only the second night of Chanuka but the Simcha Band lit up the Shomrei Chanuka party as if it were the 8th night. The audience enjoyed listening and dancing to the music as much as the musicians enjoyed playing and singing.

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I Believe in Shomrei


I believe in …

… Rabbi Greenstein, for showing us the connection between traditional Jewish values and prayer, and our everyday lives.

… Heather Brown and Sara Birnbaum who, through their guidance of our children’s education programs, help to instill those values in our next generation.

… Nick Levitin and the rest of the Board’s tireless leadership.

… Marge Wise and the entire Shomrei staff for their skill in facilitating all that happens at Shomrei.

… Shomrei’s core of dedicated volunteers, without whom we could not run our litany of programs.

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A Shimmering Shomrei Hanukkah Party

2014-12-17 18.08.18
What an amazing Shomrei Hanukkah Party!  The moment the smell of frying latkes made its way around the building, I knew this was going to be an exciting night.  The JLC 7th grade students started the night off with a bang, with their homemade Hanukkah games and enthusiasm.  Children of all ages enjoyed pinning the tail on the menorah and trying to knock over large Hanukkah candles in the bean bag toss station.  We made edible menorahs and spun dreidels in paint, too, which made some beautiful designs.

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Chanukah Skits at the JLC


“Do you want to buy our amazing Chanukah Menorah?”

This week we have been preparing for Chanukah at the JLC, making Chanukah Menorahs, playing games, and learning about the history, traditions and stories of the holiday. Each Hebrew class created a dramatic Chanukah skit they will be sharing at school on Wednesday. Some groups created their interpretation of the Chanukah story while others made commercials about Chanukah. The students creativity and enthusiasm is very apparent in their work. They are extremely excited to preform the skits for their classmates.

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Yasher Koach! Book Fair a Success!


Vicki Compter Lefkowitz, Tsipi Taube and Adrienne Lasiter

The Shomrei Book Fair was a success! Scores of bookmarks were created by kids. Aileen Grossberg gave an interesting talk. Sara Birnbaum mad-libbed along. Heather Brown read to the little ones. Snacks were snacked! Rabbi David Greenstein even explained the Zohar on one foot.

Best of all loads of books were purchased by the Shomrei Community and over $800 was raised for the benefit of the JLC (Hebrew School) and the Shomrei Preschool.

Yasher Koach to organizers Tsipi Taube and Adrienne Lasiter and their committee: Sara Hollander Birnbaum, Heather Brown, Shirley Grill, Vicki Compter Lefkowitz, Lisa Pendola, Lynne Tapper, Renata Worob and June Zimmerman!

Phew! The Month of Chesvan

The Holiday whirlwind is behind us, catapulting us into the Jewish year with pomp and circumstance. We are so lucky to have a season of holidays to kick off the year. Just as we begin the Torah, we find ourselves in the month of Cheshvan with no holidays. Cheshvan is sometimes referred to as Mar (bitter) because of the lack of holidays and the pending cooler weather. Instead of being sad that we don’t have holidays we can enjoy the beginning of the reading of the Torah and our schedules being a bit more regular.

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