Fran Legman, Moments in Motion

Update: Closing Reception, Artist Talk and Benefit for MESH

Fran’s recent paintings and monoprints are informed by an inexhaustible supply of images, colors and textures milling about in her head. These elements combine to create shapes and forms that push and pull at each other. Gestures and touch are directed, but surrender to the energy and physical nature of the materials. Some marks are bold, others light, and paint is applied in thick and thin layers. Having had a previous career as a package designer, there is strong sense of structure and composition that emphasize a contrast with the playfulness and looseness of her brushstrokes.

Learning to trust herself with the process of expressive and inventive painting has had a profound impact on Fran’s work. No longer needing to consider and analyze her strokes and shapes, Fran allows the art to lead itself. She paints fearlessly. With freedom comes coherence. Instead of dreading the empty canvas, Fran lets learned expectations and inhibitions disappear. She paints with exuberance and sees where it leads.

Fran constantly works and reworks her paintings and monoprints, removing some or most of the paint and adding multiple layers until the artwork simultaneously excites and moves her. Her work is visually powerful, full of movement, and arresting in its use of a vibrant color template.

About Fran Legman
Fran and her husband Mike have been members of Shomrei Emunah since they moved to Montclair in 1987, and are the parents of Ben (wife-Holly), and Rachel (husband-Zach). Recently retired as an art teacher in the Montclair public schools, she is now able to devote more time to creating her own art and painting with her young granddaughter Chloe.

Fran Legman has a BFA from the SUNY at Buffalo, an MS in Fine Art from Montclair State University, and has done post graduate work at Pratt Institute. Having received numerous grants from the Geraldine Dodge Foundation, MFEE, and Avon, her work has been exhibited and is in private collections in New York, New Jersey, Italy, Massachusetts and Florida.

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Opening Reception
Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Closing Reception and Artist Talk
Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Art Sales Benefit MESH
Twenty percent of profits from sales will be donated to MESH at Shomrei, to help offset the cost of providing meals for the food insecure population of Montclair.

Artist Talk
Shomrei Emunah will be hosting an Artist talk and Closing Reception for “Moments in Motion”, a solo exhibition of artwork by Fran Legman. At 7:30, Fran will lead a discussion about art.

  • HOW do you know if you like an abstract painting, if you don’t understand abstract art?
  • WHERE does Fran’s imaginative imagery originate?
  • WHAT is a mono print, collage and what does mixed media mean?
  • WHAT is the difference between abstract and non-objective art?
  • WHEN does an artist make the decision to use acrylic or oil?
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