Journey From Song to Solitude

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Now Showing in The Shomrei Gallery: Journey: From Song to Solitude, The Photographs of Shomrei Congregant Nick Levitin

Dear Friends,

I’d like to invite you to an exhibit of my photographs currently on display at Shomrei.

This exhibit, entitled Journey: From Song to Solitude, is a reflection of my own journey with photography. Although, I started taking pictures when I was a young boy, the 70s was when I began in earnest. It was a volatile and dramatic time that offered up dramatic images of the passions of that decade. That is the first part of the exhibit. Over time, I have been drawn to more serene subjects and those make up the second half of this exhibit.

Net proceeds of any photographs sold goes to Shomrei’s Refugee Assistance Group.

The photos are on display in the gallery on the second floor. I do hope you will stop by and take a look.



Susanna Baker: Fine Artist, Shomrei Member

U8, variation 1, 18″x24″ (click to enlarge)

U8, variation 1, 18″x24
Cut and Embellished Monoprint, 2011
Susanna Baker

We welcome Susanna Baker to the Kol Emunah masthead!  The blog graphic is a detail of her work U8, variation 1. From time to time, we will be featuring a Shomrei artist on our blog in both the masthead and on the featured artist page.  If you are an artist at Shomrei or know one who would like to be featured, let us know.

“My work incorporates printmaking, encaustic and painting. Currently, I am thinking a lot about alternate realities existing simultaneously. As I age, time becomes more fluid and reality more questionable. Keeping these thoughts in mind, I’m playing with layers and different views of the same image peeking thru – in my work, I physically punch holes through one layer to reveal another, metaphorically breaking the thin veil of reality. — Susanna Baker”

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Nick pic 1

Now Showing in The Shomrei Gallery: The Photographs of Shomrei Congregant, Nick Levitin

Nick pic 3Ever since I can remember, I have yearned for some sort of connection with the people or places I have encountered. At first, I found it in the theatre as an actor, then as a photographer in my studio and in the world around me.

The photos on exhibit are my attempt to connect with some of the people I have come to know and have met, and some of the places I have had an opportunity to visit.


Nick will discuss his photographs at an Artist’s Reception on Sunday, September 25, 2016 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

All photos on exhibit may be purchased for $250 each. A portion of the proceeds will go to Shomrei.

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In The Gallery: The Work of Lisa Suss

IMG_0186Lisa Suss graduated with a B.F.A. from Beaver College in Glenside, PA and then went on for a M.F.A. in printmaking from N.Y.U. After starting as a fiber artist and printmaker, she expanded her chosen media to include drawing, book arts and watercolor. Her particular focus on looking at the ordinary parts of life in different ways has led her to mixed media. She often uses collage and assemblage, frequently including toys and games, in her artwork. By incorporating odds and ends from garage sales and flea markets, her work questions our values and reflects our skewed views of the contemporary world.

Montclair Artist, Lisa Suss

Montclair Artist, Lisa Suss

Lisa Suss has exhibited widely throughout the United States and is a juried member of Exhibitors’ Co-op, a well-known artists’ exhibiting group in Northern New Jersey. In addition, she is a long time member of the West Orange Arts Council and served an eight-year term as its president. She is Visual Arts Manager of JCC Metrowest and oversees four gallery spaces as well as being the coordinator for the annual Gaelen Juried Art Show and Sale. She was also a founding member of the Essex County Arts Advisory Board and often serves as an independent art show juror.


Art in the Gallery: Phyllis M. Baker z”l

Phyllis M. Baker

Phyllis M. Baker z”l

The Baker Family is honored to present a special one-woman show of the work  of Phyllis M. Baker z”l (b.1930, d.2000) in connection with the Bar Mitzvah of Elijah Phillip Baker, Phyllis’ grandson. She would have been so proud of Elijah and his sister Madeleine! Although Phyllis cannot be here with us in person, we know she is with us in spirit. Continue reading

Rachel Kanter: Fiber Artist, Shomrei Member


Immersion: Loss, click to enlarge

We welcome Rachel to the Kol Emunah masthead!  The blog graphic is a detail of her work Immersion: Loss. From time to time, we will be featuring a Shomrei artist on our blog in both the masthead and on the featured artist page.  If you are an artist at Shomrei or know one who would like to be featured, let me know.


Immersion: Loss

Vintage tallit, cotton, ribbon.

Many ceremonies have been written using a mikveh for new and inventive rituals.

“Immersion: Loss” is a spiritual mikveh and is to be used when getting to a mikveh is not possible or desired.  Its use marks that time in life when you are faced with the knowledge that something important has ended. Prayers are recited that ask, plead and thank God for the strength and understanding to emerge from the loss renewed.

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