New, Improved Payment System

New Improved Payment System

For some time we’ve been working on a new easy-to-use payment system for Shomrei. No matter which dues model is adopted by the membership vote on May 27 (the existing Dues/Kol Nidre pledge model or the proposed Sustaining Share model), we’re launching the new payment system which includes payment over time options! The new system puts a premium on ease of use, clarity, convenience and automatic reminders. We’re contracting with an industry leader, FreshBooks ( to provide a secure, on-line (and postal mail) system that does not require login.

The new system will debut with our new fiscal year starting June 1, 2015. You will receive an invoice by email or postal mail shortly thereafter, and you can then pay by check or credit card, online or via postal mail.  It’s configured to your preference.

Payments Over Time
If you would like a payment plan that spreads your membership commitment payments (or dues) over time, please enroll in the plan of your choice by clicking the “enroll” link below (or by submitting the paper form you will receive by postal mail).

If we don’t hear back from you by May 31st, 2015 you will automatically be enrolled in the lump-sum Annual Payment Plan due in full Jun 1, 2015 (with 30 day grace period).

I believe you will find the new system very convenient. Please take a moment to enroll by clicking the link below.



Payment Plans

  • Annual (due in full Jun 1)
  • Biannual (due Jun 1, Dec 1)
  • Quarterly (due Jun 1, Sep 1, Dec 1, Mar 1)
  • Paid by Year End (due Jun 1, Aug 1, Oct 1, Dec 1)
  • Monthly (due Jun 1 and 1st of each month thereafter for 12 months)All invoices are due on receipt but have 30 day grace period.

Invoice Delivery

  • Email only
  • Email and Postal Mail (Snail Mail)

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card Online
  • Check (you send in)
  • Check (automated check sent by your bank)
  • Credit Card Call-in (your credit card will be entered directly into the secure system by office staff)

Automatic Charge
For those who choose a plan with payments over time, there is an automatic charge option whereby your credit card is automatically charged on the invoice due date. This is a very convenient option and you are always in control. We request you select this option (if applicable) as it provides a predictable cash flow and makes it easier for your congregant-volunteer board to manage Shomrei’s finances. You elect for automatic charge when paying your first invoice online, or you can call Marge at the office when you receive your first invoice.

Online payments are via a third-party, secure site (  At no time is the card number you enter on the site stored at Shomrei or accessible by Shomrei. The card information is securely transmitted directly to our merchant bank.

Thank you and I hope you’ll like our new system.



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