deannaI remember leaving Brooklyn in 1980. It was a cold winter day and my Vincent just accepted a job in Bloomfield, New Jersey. A foreign place to be sure for a Brooklyn girl. As we crossed the Verrazano Bridge, I was crying hysterically. We were going to live in a place called Verona! Leaving Brooklyn was painful. My mother-in-law still lived in Brooklyn and we returned every Sunday until she moved to Montclair. It was only after her move that the Brooklyn of my youth became a cherished memory.

For 36 years we lived in Glen Ridge. My life revolved around Montclair, Glen Ridge and Bloomfield. Most everything we needed was within a two mile radius. We made life long friends. I volunteered at Shomrei Emunah, raised our Steven and became embedded in the community. We were happy! The years flew by, I retired from my job and my Vincent was still deciding his retirement date. And then it happened, we decided to sell our beloved house and move temporarily to an apartment in Clifton. We took a six month lease until Vince retired. We were leaving New Jersey for Florida. I can’t say it was a surprise, I knew it was coming but the reality was even more painful.

Deanna & Vince

On December 4th we became residents of the sunshine state. Only a few people knew we were leaving. I wanted to keep it quiet. I could not deal with the pain of saying goodbye. If leaving Brooklyn was bad, this was worse! Needless to say an entire box of tissues was used on the way to Newark airport. Our life was changing again, starting over, in a red state no less. One of the reasons for Florida is that my sister lives 20 minutes away. In addition, our Steven and his sweet wife Stephanie just moved to Orlando three weeks ago. It’s been a long time since we have all lived in the same state.

Thank you to all who ask about us. I know we left without saying a proper goodbye but hope that you now understand why. We are planning to come “home” in July for a visit. I hope to see everyone. Miss you all, wishing you good health and peace.

Happy Passover,
Deanna S. London

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  1. I had no idea you moved. You keep a good secret!. It is something special to have your immediate family in one state. All the best for good health and much happiness. You might even be able to re-create Brooklyn in Florida- without the snow and the subway but a version of Brooklyn, nonetheless.

  2. I only got to know Deanna, for a short period of time. I loved talking with her on Sunday mornings and always looked forward to her presence at the minyan and the Rabb׳s classes. I will never forget our discussion about Bob Dylan and her insightful comments from the intimate knowledge she had from the folk singing world and Dylan’s “betrayal”. I do hope to see her upon her return for a visit in July. I wish we could’ve celebrated her leaving but I understand. I miss her!!!
    Sincerely, Noa Freudberg

  3. Deanna,
    You have been a treasure to our community- both Shomrei and Glenridge/Montclair. I have fond memories of you and the Gift Shop and all the Bar and Bat Mitvahs presents you graciously and enthusiastically sold to us. Best of luck to you and Vince in your new home!!

  4. Deanna,
    I have fond memories of all of the outstanding contributions you made to Shomrei in general, and, in particular, to the Sisterhood. When I was in Boynton Beach two weeks
    ago I thought of you and the positive spirit and energy you brought to all of your activities. Warmest wishes to you and your family.
    Marty Hochbaum

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