Displaced Persons – A Poem

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A tidy euphemism denotes

Flotsam of ships of state
Left as a tide of blood recedes

The savage Twentieth
A century of refugees
Displaced millions

The blood first rose
As the Great War sundered old Empires
To redraw Europe and the Levant

Belgians, Poles, Latvians, Serbs
Turks, Armenians, Arabs, Kurds
And Jews

Everywhere Jews
Always Jews

In the next war great waves crashed
Across the Bloodlands of the East
Belarus, Baltics, Ukraine and Russia

Hitler and Stalin clashed and slaughtered
A Final Solution for some
Death without name for others

For millions who lived, an uprooting
Germans, Russians, UkrainianCzechs, Poles, Hungarians

And again Jews
Always Jews

People without homes
Homes without people
Wanderers to this day

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