Message From the President: Gathering as a Community

Hi everyone,

This weekend’s horrific and murderous actions by Hamas against the Israeli people affects us all deeply. So many of us have friends and family in Israel and I cannot imagine what they are going through at this moment.

It is an incredibly complicated time for us all. If you are anything like me, this week has been full of emotion. Trying to unpack those emotions on our own is a huge challenge, and when faced with issues like this, it is always my instinct to gather as our community, hear from each other, and to share space for healing.

I hope that you will join Rabbi Julie and me this Sunday, October 15 at 5pm at Shomrei in the Social Hall for an open forum discussion regarding the war in Israel. After a brief introduction, we will open the floor to hear from anyone in the room who wants to speak.

Babysitting will be available for young children as will coffee/drinks.

All I keep thinking is how grateful I am for the community we have – that such a forum is possible and that so many of us have so much to share on the topic.

Rabbi Julie is also offering open office hours Thursday, Oct 12, 9am-6pm and Friday Oct 13, 9-10:30 and 2-4pm. Please feel free to drop by to talk one or one or in a small group.

Until then, we thought we would share the following::

Prayers for Safe Return
We are building a communal list of soldiers called up to duty and people who are missing or captive. To add a name to the list for our prayers for safe return or for healing, fill out this form.

Here are some resources:

A Prayer for Israel in This Time of War

Talking to Children

Metrowest Federation Emergency Fund
Jewish Funders Network List of Organizations

We hope to see you on Sunday.

Michael Sag
Congregation Shomrei Emunah

Editor’s note: This message was originally emailed to the congregation on October 11th. The event has been changed to be in-person only at the request of several community members due to the sensitive nature of the event.

Michael Sag

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