Michael Tizhgarten, Bar Mitzvah

MICHAEL TIZHGARTENHello, my name is Mike Tizhgarten, and I would like to tell you a little bit about me. My parents are Mila and Roman Tizhgarten. I am in the 9th grade. I enjoy hanging out with friends, riding my bike and drawing. My favorite subject in school is Biology and I enjoy activities and sports such as soccer, badminton, chess and playing the violin. I also like collecting “Lokai” Bracelets.

I really look forward to becoming a Bar Mitzvah and to standing on the Bimah on January 21, 2017. My Torah Parsha will be about The Burning Bush and how Moses was able to keep his Jewish identity in the Pharaoh’s palace and still be able to save enslaved Israelites with God’s help. God was able to catch Moses’s attention by the Burning Bush which represented God’s assistance and presence with Moses, throughout his challenging Mission.

I would like to thank Rabbi Greenstein and Merrill Silver for all the preparation and assistance they provided for me during this amazing journey.

MICHAEL TIZHGARTENAs for my Bar-Mitzvah Project, I went to Clara Mass Hospital to donate children’s coloring books and crayons to the Children’s Department where kids of all ages are spending time in the hospital. I hope that this charity will help the children take their minds off the hard time they are going through and to heal and feel better in the midst of their tough time.

Editor’s Note: Michael and his family joined Shomrei two years ago. Although Michael was already 13 and did not read any Hebrew, he made the decision that he wanted to study so that be would be able to chant the blessings and read from the Torah. Yasher koach, Michael!

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