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March is Women’s History Month. To expand your horizons beyond women named Ruth or Anne, here’s a match-up quiz of accomplished but lesser-known women.

The library is a resource for information about many of them, either through single biographies, collected biographies or reference works such as Jewish Women in America which are updated on the Jewish Women’s Archive website (

Alphabetical by first names

1.    Annie Nathan Meyer A.   Disability rights activist
2,    Beate Sirota Gordon B.   Discovered structure of DNA
3.    Emmy Noether C.   First Jewish Congresswoman
4.    Fanny Mendelsohn D.   Sculptor
5.    Florence Prag Kahn E.    Author of classic children’s books
6.    Gertrude Berg F.    Founder of America’s 1st social services
7.    Gracia Mendes Nasi G.   Led colorful life as wife of lawman
8.    Hannah G. Solomon H.   Founder of Barnard College
9.    Josephine Marx Earp I.    South African human rights activist
10.  Judith Heumann J.    Neurobiologist who won Nobel Prize
11.  Judith Resnik K.   International businesswoman/ philanthropist
12.  Lise Meitner L.   Nobel Prize for medicine/ Lasker Prize
13.  Louise Nevelson M.  Won the first Emmy for a comic actress
14.  Muriel Faye Siebert N.   Helped write Japan’s constitution
15.  Nadine Gordimer O.   First ordained female rabbi
16.  Rebecca Gratz P.   Biblical midwives who defied Pharoah
17.  Regina Jonas Q.  Discovered the power of the fission reaction
18.  Rena Glickman R.   Pianist and composer
19.  Rita Levi-Montalcini S.   Activist and member of FDR’s “brain trust”
20.  Rosalind Franklin T.   Founder of National Council of Jewish Women
21.  Rosalyn Yalow U.   Greatest algebraist of 20th century
22.  Rose Schneiderman V.   Astronaut
23.  Salome Alexandra W.  First woman on New York Stock Exchange
24.  Shifra and Puah X.   Mother of women’s judo
25.  Sydney Taylor Y.   Last monarch of an independent Judea

here are the answers

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